New Music: Mary J. Blige – ‘The One’

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige has been bitten by the Auto-Tune bug. Funkmaster Flex dropped a bomb on MJB’s new Darkchild-produced song on Hot 97 Thursday night. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is working on her ninth studio album and if this track is any indication, Mary is in a drama-free zone once again.

Mary J. Blige – “The One”

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  1. dan

    at work, so can’t hear it

    but no mary! not auto-tune! dont wanna hear mary with auto-tune…

    you’re too good for that! you have a voice!


  2. Curt

    i like it she doesn’t use thr autotune the whole time just on certain words good job Mary ! =D


  3. Sexxy

    how old is she?? singing about swagger nonsense and using autotune like she’s some 20 year old brat



    In the industry you use all the tools (A&R, Management,Videos), as when in the studio(EQ, MIXING BOARD, AND REVERB). This is an instance where Mary is just using a tool, as the song said”I’m the best” and she knows it. she knows she doesn’t have to use auto-tune(T-Pain is using the Hell outta that)but to add just a little touch is not killing the song, and that effect can be done without using auto-tune. So just enjoy the song for what it is, another Mary Banger that YOU will also either buy, download or whatever.

    Hot trax!


  5. MACH

    Mary is hip-hop/soul.. so obviously she’s gonna use elements of hip-hop that are currently being used. The autotune is not much at ALL. she sings in ehr real voice most of the time. I like the song


  6. tytutr

    sounds hot


  7. Coop

    I was a little worried about the auto-tune but after listening to it a couple times…the song does knock…the auto-tune isn’t killing the song at all. This song is hella different for Mary so I think for some its gonna take some getting used to.


  8. mike check



  9. Kevin

    I love me some Mary and it’s good but it’s not quite there yet. I’m loving everything the track does towards the end so just spruce up the beginning and it could totally be my jam!


  10. Lew

    People get over it, if she wants to use autotune, then she can do that! She is the queen of HIP-HOP/SOUL. Auto tune is all over hip hop right now, so why wouldnt she try it out?? Dont really like the song but its not because of the autotune. You are suppose to stay current and move with the times while still being yourself in the music industry so age should have nothing to do with it. Did Chaka Khan sing the same type of music in the 80′s that she did in the 70′s..uh nah!


  11. Julia

    I can hear her voice forever! with auto-tune or without it))


  12. MACH

    this song goes tooo hard with headphones and in HQ. The HQ is out now..



    This songs fireee i can barely notice the autotune because its hardly used in this song its used just right. It doesnt overshadow the song cause mary has the voice it just goes with the beat of the song. Darkchild always comes thru with the beats! I heard she worked with Ryan Leslie and they came up with some crazy material im looking foward to hearing that hopefully it will be on her new album!


  14. bass_man

    It’s okay…
    I mean, I think almost everything on “Growing Pains” smashes this.

    It sounds unfinished, but even with a little tuning, it’s still under-par.


  15. BP86

    compared to her previously released songs, this one underwhelms….I’m dissapointed. it’s okay though.


  16. DJ Triumph

    need a rapper. sound good.


  17. gee man

    Glad to see Mary is still in a postive zone. For me this song is not for Mary she doesn”t follow trends she creates them. In this case is being a follower not the leader. Overall not feeling this song at all. Good beat subpar material.


  18. Jay

    Who cares about the whole auto-tune thing! As long as it sounds good, so what! Mary J killin this song…I love it! Darkchild baby!


  19. Catie

    I like it! She can do whatever she wants, she’s MJB.


  20. william gates

    this song is horrible!!! the real mary j first single is “Good Love” feat. TI …no one wants to hear the Queen of R&B singing thru autotune and over an outdated track at that…Rodney used the same drums for Megan Rochell and Keyshia..and that was already over 2 years ago…check out “Good Love” and see what mary should sound like ..


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