Video: Ocean’s 7 – ‘Vegas Baby’

Ocean's 7

Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, and the rest of the Ocean’s 7 crew hit Las Vegas for some hotel hoppin’ and bottle poppin’. The song can be found on the Ocean’s 7 3000 and 9 Shit mixtape. Does Janet know about this, J.D.?

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  1. Pretzky



  2. Joana


    Shout Out to all the Lifers! =D


  3. DJ Triumph

    nice song.


  4. urban noize

    Tyrone is the only one who has no swagger in this video LOL !! Nelly hit that water pretty hard lol


  5. Yvan's

    Vegas Baby!!!!looool
    Can’t wait for the Lunatics come back: City Free, You See Me ans maybe another album for Nelly So if anybody get more info about it, please this is my mail!!you can write me!!


  6. Gertė

    Cool. ;D I like Nelly. <3


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