Guess Whose ‘Big Ass Chain’

Big Ass Chain

Who does this “Big Ass Chain” chain belong to?

T-Pain Chain

Now that Jay-Z has killed Auto-Tune, T-Pain is investing his money in diamonds. The Nappy Boy showed off his $410,000 “recession proof” accessory on Twitter. The 197-karat chain weighs 10 pounds.

“Dudes and girls, I just wanna give a quick preview of the last chain you’ll ever like,” he wrote. “I’m shuttin’ it down.”

And they said bling is dead.

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  1. n>A

    resession my ass….


  2. Holara



  3. sj

    what if it were gold? m m m m


  4. Jay

    That’s so insane and just stupid! Why the hell do people spend that much money on something like that!? You could by like four homes and rent/sale them to make an investment or SOMETHING! Could even help provide for people in Africa


  5. joey

    ^ he made his money. he should be able to buy w/e he wants lmao


  6. Roxy

    people in Somalia are dying…its a damn shame


    GORGE Reply:

    and thats his fault how?


  7. Pinoy

    Crazy and some ppl can’t afford a place to live in the US. The place of dreams and all that.


  8. ugh

    why save dying peoples lives when you can buy an unnecessary and idiotic chain? ONLY in america…humanity is headed in the right place.


  9. Sexxy

    what a moron


  10. Nick

    I knew it would be him! He always wears the tackiest ish, especially when it comes to chains.


  11. ron.e



  12. Fee

    Diamonds from Sierra Leone…


  13. reny

    this is legendary!


  14. Roxy

    BIG ASS FOOL is what it should say


  15. Mia

    Thats UGLY…Not even cute


  16. bass_man

    that 400K should of went towards his kids’ college fund or something lol or a shelter.

    like, my God.


  17. Nick

    Lol @ Roxy!


  18. Catie

    Omg, that’s ridiculous, haha.


  19. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!

    that is so tacky but nice chain tho


  20. Gary

    I thought it’d be Soulja Boy with that big ass chain.


  21. Harvey

    That’s just terrible. I can’t stand this dude. He couldn’t think of nothing else to spend his money on? So ignorant.


  22. Ben

    if you read that shit, it says he got 4 mill in a bank account for his 5 year old


  23. drtash

    Damn. with all that money, you could feed all the hungry people in Zimbabwe where I’m from!!..shame, I’ll never understand people that splash this kind of money on ridiculous things like these….when the money dissappears he’ll wish he never spent that money on that ugly ridiculous-looking chain, esp. when it gets auctioned off at a very low price.


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