New Music: The-Dream – ‘Best Ex’ (Janet Demo)

The-Dream and Janet Jackson

The-Dream channels his inner Janet Jackson on “Best Ex.” If the ballad sounds familiar, that’s because the singer-songwriter penned it for Miss Jackson’s 2008 album Discipline under the title “Greatest X.”

The-Dream – “Best Ex”

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  1. bass_man

    ugh I hated that this song was on her album. It was the worst one on there.

    Album was great though


  2. Jay

    I actually like this song. Dream sound good singing it too though. I agree Janet’s album was really great! “LUV” is my song!


  3. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!

    I’m kinda feeling…maybe i need a few more listens


  4. hellyehss

    The album was great but definitely got little promo – from the label and Janet sadly. But it had some beautiful Janet songs on it, even the soft slow ones were great because her voice. I love it


  5. Onemil02


    SO AGREE, Discipline was a great album that had so many potential singles. I hate it just went to waste, but I still listen to it all the time on my iPod, I LOVE Can’t B Good.


  6. keyjhad

    really good song,janet version and the dream too


  7. Julez

    those lyrics are wack and unprofessional, that track was the worst on the album and should’ve never made it.


  8. a

    Greatest X was the best track on Discipline.


  9. Dilanoh

    I agree that was one of the best songs on that album.


  10. Argee

    Yeah the Discipline is one of great album just so happen it got a little promo. Lot of potential hits such as LUV, 2nite and others.


  11. Jojo

    I can’t stand this song, or most of the slow songs on “discipline”. this was my least favorite though. His version or hers it sounds like a nursery rhyme.

    Loved all the faster to mid-tempo stuff, rollercoaster, LUV, rock with u,etc.

    Great album wasted, no promo from record company, and radio, video, blacklist for janet……

    hope things turn around for her, she she an amazing artist!


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