Is Chris Brown Still a Viable Endorser?

Chris Brown

After facing public scrutiny, Chris Brown’s career is on the rebound. The 20-year-old singer is currently in the studio working on his third studio album. But one area that remains gray is the troubled star’s future endorsements.

Brown had been a spokesman for Wrigley and the Milk Mustache campaign, but lost the lucrative endorsement deals after allegations surfaced that he beat Rihanna. Marketing executive Steve Stoute of Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging, who organized Brown’s deal with Wrigley’s Doublemint gum, shared his thoughts on whether the “Forever” singer is still a viable endorser.

“I don’t know,” he told when asked if Brown will recover from the incident. “It becomes much more risky obviously.”

He cited Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Williams as celebrities who were able to get back their endorsement deals after going through public scandals. “We don’t even remember what [Kobe] went through anymore. We don’t even think about it,” he said referring to the sexual assault allegations against the Lakers player in 2003.

“Whoever knows the Vanessa Williams tragedy when she had the naked pictures and to know that she’s selling products for Procter & Gamble,” he continued, “which would never sign somebody who was in Playboy magazine and market her to moms and kids.”

Stoute remains optimistic and believes that over time the public may forgive Brown. “You can do it. There’s a natural healing process and there’s a bunch of other magic that happens to make you that fortunate, but you can never count somebody out when there’s celebrity involved.”

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  1. MACH

    :side eye:


  2. Me

    Only time will tell


  3. babybenz



  4. stea

    i love chris brown the most :) xo


  5. res

    no I wouldnt buy shit cb tryna sell or endorse
    I doubt any1 in the biz is gonna risk money by giving him an endorsement right now
    Maybe later but not now


  6. carl

    *Moves on the next hottest star*


  7. Roxy

    his demographic would be sooo different if he tried to sell anything…so maybe he can endorse wife beaters


  8. Kevin

    I don’t know. I mean, I don’t see R.Kelly being hit up to put his mug on anything.


  9. Dillon_68

    Can’t wait for his comeback, he’s still my homie!


  10. crunkpoet

    i dont give a damn whose selling it…if i dont want it im not gon buy it lol people are so easily persuaded


  11. Jaelani

    Awww, Chris is so talented. I really do wish him the best, this was a bad incident…


  12. Mampy

    I feel bad for him, he made a slip but I really dont think he can recover. Maybe if it was a random woman he beat but because he beat up RIHANNA who is famous, people will never forget. That’s the difference with him and Kobe/R. Kelly….they didn’t fool around with another famous celebrity. It was a random person.


  13. bass_man



  14. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!



  15. Catie

    There is a HUGE difference between domestic violence and posing in Playboy. Even the incident with Kobe is a different situation because Kobe’s fanbase wasn’t teenage girls. There was also that picture of Rihanna that surfaced which made the situation worse. I honestly believe that his career will never be the same again and i know that i will never support him. I guess it just comes down to what you believe in.


  16. Electrik Red- "P Is For Power" Next Single!!!!

    @catie: i agree


  17. Mampy

    I agree Catie. The picture of her face intensified everything because before it leaked, BOTH of their teams downplayed her injuries and said people were exaggerating everything. Once that came out, their teams got silent.

    I also think a lot of it has to do with how Chris has acted since the incident. The jetskiing, that youtube video…it’s all just wrong moves. Aside from what he did, maybe it wouldnt be as bad if he just showed some remorse….


  18. malcolm

    no one remembers the girl Kelly or Kobe mess with. Every time someone see’s Chris they will also see Rihanna’s face. He’s making a new album,but did he remember that a lot of radio stations stop playing his music?


  19. anya31

    i think chris and rihanna must get back


  20. Breezy

    R.Kelly and Kobe’s cases are different.Chris didn’t beat up some random girl, she hit RIHANNA.

    His new ‘hard’ look isn’t helping matters either.Now he looks exactly like a wife beater.Those darn tats all over the length of his arm and the ‘badass’ poses he does with his new BFFs Mario,Bow Wow and Omarion(read:D-lists).

    Where the f**k is his PR team?


  21. Lash Eddy

    I think he should go for it though some pple won’t avoid relatin him to how he acted on Rihanna. that doesn’t matter so long as he knows how to handle it


  22. goons

    of course he is gonna bounce back..that is really a dumb question..her actions after the incident have caused a backlash against her..the same media that had sympathy for her are the same that are makinga fool of her today… the fact is the media made this a bigger thing than it was.. chris did not punch her and june 22 will reveal more..chris does not have to do a damn thing but enjoy his life..he has been through enough period. he is hanging with his friends which is good for him..wether they are dlist or whatever, bottom line is they are his he should abandom them just to make himself look better for something that the media said he did???shame on you if you have such a low mentality because that statement right there shows how shallow you are…do you chris and have fun…


  23. gee derrish

    Now people r not endorsin chris its ok, n after his third alubum graffti he is gonna again lead the world n there will be worlds no 1 brand for him so u bitches shut da fuk up abot talkin bad word about chris .im aint let him down cuz he’s mah homie forever in every situation.


  24. g derrish

    After his next alubum his gonna get worlds no 1 brand so shut the fuk off u bitches who r talk wrong about chris .i blieve in chris cuz hes my homie forever!!


  25. Livea

    Oh plz, don’t make me cry, cuz when I laugh too hard I’ll start crying, lol. MayB Chris will few over fans over but from being a victim of abuse, I can’t ever & I mean ever 4giv that person & if Chris is 4givin 4 the incident idk, its wrong beyond anything, his music made me believe I could recover from my situatin but with his new found cocky attitude & arrogance he’s a cap A 2the eS eS (that spells sh*t head). Chris suks & I will never support a woman beater!!!


  26. dillon_68

    @g derrish:

    I co-sign that.;)


  27. de'ja

    i hope chris brown will get it back


  28. beautiful

    he is never going to bounce back. he will be known for this for a lonnnng time. if he had hit some unknown chick it may have been different (not that it makes it any less serious) but he punched in his (extremely famous) gf’s face. his next cd will sell but not enough to bring him to the potential he may have had. (not to mention not nearly as many as rihanna will sell with her next cd) although im sure her fame will phase out if she doesnt take a serious stand against domestic violence. *ps. everyone check out shontelle- another fantastic singer form barbados*


  29. beautiful

    move over, the next talented young r&b artist is right around the corner. so over brown.


  30. drtash

    FORGET ABOUT IT!! Chris’ career will NEVER and I repeat NEVER go back to its former glory. Stick a fork in his career…it’s done. Maybe a few over-obsessed stans will buy his records but his career is never gonna go back to what it was. It’s not just the fact it’s rihanna (a very famous celeb) he beat up, but it’s also that photo of her bruised face that’s all over the web that noone will ever forget that has ended his career. If the photo had never been released by police, I would have agreed with people saying he could bounce back but nu-uh….IT’S OVER!!!His next album will definitely be a flop, esp. considering a recession like this. Sorry my opinion.


  31. Old School

    Sorry for your pass young blood. We all make mistakes in our lifetime. I too have made mistakes as well,… and I too am paying for them. Now if you truly want to make it right for yourself, you must do 4 things. 1.) Ask God to forgive you and to give you the strenght to handle whatever comes your way. 2.) Ask the young lady for forgiveness and what must you do to make it right in her heart. 3.) Admit to your fans that what you did was wrong and that you are willing to pay publicly for your wrong doing. 4.) Forgive yourself and promise yourself it will never happen again, no matter what. Be true to your heart and you will be Bless once again. Your music is magic to many of your fans, and now that you have showned them that you are human, it’s time to show them your heart.


  32. Norman

    Everyone remember this and life will be a lot easier: Believe nothing you read,nothing thats said, and half of what you see…


  33. Jayla

    No need 4 kissing


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