NBA Finals Game 2: Rihanna, Diddy,


Rihanna cheers for the Lakers and hugs “McLovin’” at Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic, at the Staples Center on Sunday.

Diddy,, and Maroon 5′s Adam Levine show their purple and yellow pride below.

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  1. Mia



  2. vaun

    She’s Gorgeous


  3. Giselle

    She’s definitely gorgeous. I’m feeling her Prince/Elvis looking hair, lol.


  4. rihanna 4 lyf

    she loooks SEXYYY oh my daiiz and her hair is nice fall bk haterz riri 4 lyf


  5. Roxy

    glad she laughin…any how i see Chris Brown laughin like that…i’m a smack his ass


  6. itsmeniccas

    rihanna looks cool


  7. sosiccwitswagga

    Most of these celebrities so called lakers fans are bandwagon fans dey go for however is n the finals I aint never seen diddy at a lakers game or lil wayne all of a sudden its lakers this and lakers that btw rihanna looks hella gud, glad 2 c her smiling again..


  8. lame

    yah celebrities are bandwagon jumpers. The true celebrity fans are Leonardo Dicaprio….Spike Lee….and of course Jack Nicholson.


  9. Hoty

    Rihanna looks fu*ing ugly… She has a big forehead and a big nose, poor thing^^


  10. bass_man

    she looks good


  11. Jay

    Good to see Rihanna happy and just chillin


  12. de'ja

    i guess she’s healed…fast but i dont like her


  13. BP86

    yeah…im not too crazy about her either. i must confess.


  14. `shawt-aye.

    Rihanna looks cute.

    Isn’t Diddy a Knick’s fan?


  15. mac

    i would jizz on her big forehead….yessir


  16. ipek

    çok süper rihannam benim seni çok seviyorum ma siz sevmeyin ririm o benim


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