Video: Jordin Sparks – ‘Battlefield’

Jordin Sparks

Love is a “Battlefield” in the video for Jordin Sparks’ first single off her sophomore album of the same name, due July 21. The clip was shot in California with director Philip Andelman.

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  1. Fresh Prince

    look like kanye west “flashing lights” part 2…could of been better.Still love the song


  2. Nick

    That was a disaster.

    They spent all that time making this bullshit?

    I could’ve made this in my backyard in like 3 hours.


  3. lily

    the economy hurting allot of video budgets these days huh?


  4. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    the video could have been way better but i still luv the song…this definetly will be one of the songs of the summer..jordin did look beautiful


  5. BP86

    a video can make or break a song. The song gave the video so much potential to be great, but now she’s just rolling around in the grass ala Mariah Carey “Dreamlover” style. DISSAPOINTMENT.


  6. BP86

    ^ disappointment i mean…


  7. Catie

    It wasn’t even bad! No, it wasn’t incredible but i was still impressed. Sometimes a video with too many things going on takes away from the song. The song itself is amazing and all it needed was a simple music video. She also looks fierce!


  8. Giselle

    It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t so great neither. I expected a big budget video for such a big song that this will be. But I guess…


  9. Dillon_68

    Yall some haters, not only was the video great, but the song is too. She is shitting on the industry, respect her for what she is accomplishing!


  10. graicen

    lovely song. the video is trash. the concept sucks.


  11. bass_man

    at first i was like ….what is this shit..?

    but you have to think: it’s like the best concept because yeah she could’ve done something a bit more literal or some lame ass modern clip with a love interest and their “love battle”.

    But this video brought it to the basics.. a battlefield. it got dramatic, which is what the song needed.

    one thing for me is, it needed way more energy. and it took so long for it to get started..


  12. Kevin

    I thought this song was whack the minute I heard it and this video supports my theory.


  13. Jordin Sparks Battlefield (Video) | Shallow Nation

    [...] YouTube Link Via [...]

  14. incognegro

    Stop the hate please! Just because Jordin is not marching around in a leotard with a split personaity, does not mean that 1.) her music is not on point, and 2.) that the video is not interesting. I agree with some of the other posts in the observation that the video is not the best video of the year, but it is definitely a good video, for a good song, for an incredible talent, with an incredible voice. Great job Jordin!!!


  15. ugh

    i think the video is great cause they could have gone with the big cheesy theatrical a la beyonce style video, which would have ruined the song or they could have gone with a simple underwhelming video which focuses on the song more rather than bombarding our eyes with non relevant images.

    guess which one they went with? i think this helps the song cause it would have been too much cause the song is so big. i love the juxtaposition of the simple video with the larger than life song.

    take the video as you will, everyone has an opinion and i respect it.


  16. SoDandy

    I honestly i like the video!

    creative and an abstract approach!


  17. jrib!

    Video is ok!
    Song is good!


    This has nun 2 do wit bey
    Beyonce videos r not trashy cuz beyonce went with a contempory video for halo

    Y when some female makes a video or does somthing people feel the need to add ohers artist names in the discussions?


  18. jrib!


    Jordin sparks is just a average talent her debut dident even go platinum!

    She stole american idol
    From melinda doolittle

    The only reason she still relevant is from no air

    Which was helped by chris brown!

    So dnt put other artist down who accomplish so much

    And if dancing in the leotard is a dum concept shit was number 1 for weeks and inspired dance pariodys over youtube so get outta here!


  19. Jay

    I think it’s a great video and I’m definitely likin the song a lot more now. Jordin’s a amazing!


  20. DJ Triumph

    good song ok video.


  21. Pop pop

    The video is great cause u can feel the meaning of the song with her expressions; Such a beautiful lady, beautiful face, very good vocal performance on it. The video is quite simple and match the song, wich is the most important. Plus, she s very class with this classic style. Tired of punk glam rock vampire style like every singers wich starting to sucks. Great job


  22. `shawt-aye.

    Song = cool.

    Video = could’ve been better.


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