Review Roundup: Black Eyed Peas – ‘The E.N.D.’

The E.N.D.

The Black Eyed Peas’ fifth album, The E.N.D., arrives in stores tomorrow. How does the Peas’ radio-friendly music play with the critics? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: When the group’s glitchy future-funk beats sync up with Fergie’s unabashedly feminine melodies, as on the sweetly insidious “Meet Me Halfway,” they find pure Top 40 nirvana. B

Los Angeles Times: As always, Fergie’s performances provide the most interest throughout the album. More than the rappers Taboo and, whose spotlight turns are always competent but downplayed, or Will, who clings to an Everyman persona that belies his role as the group’s Wizard of Oz, Fergie embraces the essential cartoonishness of being a Pea. 2.5 out of 5

SPIN: With and Fergie now White House VIPs, the Peas hone their post-millennial party anthems to an even more piquantly peppy sheen. On the single “I Gotta Feeling,” you can almost hear the corporate scrilla changing hands in time to the indelible hook. 2.5 out of 5

The Guardian (U.K.): Many of these electro-pop-rap tracks sound as though they were recorded with DJs in mind, rather than fans. Songs stop and start; Fergie’s voice, as bombastic as Mariah Carey’s, fades in and out; the male Peas drop raps apparently at random. Just don’t expect to love it immediately.
3 out of 5

Newsday: The Peas stretch a handful of times—excelling on the unifying world-beat anthem “One Tribe” and failing on “Now Generation,” the new millennium’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” which struggles with Fergie screaming, “I want it now!” like a kid jonesing for ice cream. The E.N.D. may not be great, but it will be popular. B

The Associated Press: Listening to The E.N.D., it’s clear to see the group’s break did them good: It may be the Peas’ best album yet.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Boom Boom Pow,” “Meet Me Halfway,” “I Gotta Feeling,” “Alive”

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  1. hellyehss

    Its already out in australia as from 4 days ago and the WHOLE album is electro-tech pop, which is a complete change from Elephunks groove – no echo of that sound at all – sad because the electro sound is too pounding and techno club sounding. I also agree completely with the reviews above. Fergie has moved into 2nd in charge completely, with one song (Out Of My Head) completely her, Will sticks to ring leader, and the other two – are completely faded out. This is ultimately a negative thing for the group as they seem spaced out and on individual career paths – which is kinda true right? Plus Apl and Taboo are great, but they are not given a fair share. Afew great tracks so far, and maybe some more as I listen more or some videos come out but so far not enjoying more songs than i’d like, and miss the old pea sound and unity.


  2. Gary

    The Guardian is correct. We shouldn’t expect to love it immediately; I didn’t. ‘Meet Me Halfway’ is going to be a big hit.


  3. Yan

    miss the old pea sound and unity. [2]


  4. neuri

    i love the album already.
    its a fucking hit, i wasn’t a fan of black eyed peas til boom boom pow came out and i love them now…


  5. Bryxxx

    For Me the best songs are ‘Showdown’- ‘Ring-A-Ling’ – ‘Imma Be’ – ‘Mare’ – ‘Electric City’.
    In the 3 Last album Fergie have a solo song, and Apl Too. Will. I. Am is on all the songs!! It’s like a female group where only one girl is singing. Everybody knows what I mean?


  6. Robert L.

    surprisingly i enjoyed the album. it gives me of partying. it actually makes happy. but i must agree with the reviews about how ppl might not like it at the beginning, but you gotta give the album a chance before agreeing to anyone else.
    Favorite tracks: Boom Boom Pow, Meet Me Halfway, I Gotta Feeling, Alive, Imma Be, Out Of My Head and Electric City.
    im still listening to the rest of the songs trying to decide if i should add them to my favorite list.


  7. Robert L.

    i wanted to add i love what BEP have done with their new album.


  8. lame

    i HATE this album. They basically faked us out by putting “Boom Boom Pow” out as the first single. Many thought it was going to have that Hip Hop vibe to the whole cd. And it doesn’t. Their so corny. “Imma Be” is THEEE BEST SONG on the whole album.


  9. hello

    the E.N.D is EPIC!!!my top5
    rock that body
    electric city
    ring a ling
    boom boom pow
    i don’t why but i don’t like “meet me halfway”,i think i’m the only one


  10. Sam

    People that write things like “They basically faked us out by putting “Boom Boom Pow” out as the first single. Many thought it was going to have that Hip Hop vibe to the whole cd.”

    Helloooo? Hip hop vibe? boom Boom pow is the most electronic club joint the peas ever released! haahah

    People talking bullshit like this shouldnt be even listened.


  11. hellyehss

    I must say, Imma Be is actually FANTASTIC


  12. stup

    i love this cd!

    missing you
    meet me halfway
    imma bee
    boom boom pow
    rock that body

    cd ios great, not typical bep

    but if they put out the same y’all are saying they are not evolving

    you never can do right

    it’s one of the most innovative cds this year


  13. Jay

    I haven’t heard the whole album yet, cause I wanna be surprised. No matter what the critics say I’m still buying my 2 copies. I love the 4 songs I’ve heard so far, so I’m sure I’ll love the album. Tomorrow The E.N.D., I can’t wait!!!


  14. love bee

    i havent listened to all the songs on the album but ive listened to the majority, my fave songs are imma be, boom boom pow, alive & ring a ling


  15. pat

    my humps was the worst lirycs ever and ringaling actually tops it… Girls like dingaling? wtf Learn how to wright.


  16. Cujo

    They are not a real group anymore, this is just for money. They went in the studio and did a really crappy record for”$$$$$$$$$$$” Goobye BEP… nice knowing you, hope you enjoyed your fame…


  17. Robert L.

    you either gotta love it or hate it. some think the album sucks, some think it is all about money, some think it aint hip hop, some think it is the best. it is basically about do you like the songs or not. i never was huge fan of their singles but not there albums however now i love this album. bep knew some ppl gonna hate it and some will love it. fans should express what they think of the album, just make sure you know what you are talking about.


  18. suzieblue

    (pat) “wtf Learn how to wright.”
    YOU should learn how to WRITE.

    Anyway, I haven’t heard the album yet but it really seems to be a “hate it”/”love it” CD!



    Totally different sound and I love it for the summer. No matter what critics say, I have to listen to it. Not them…


  20. Laura:)

    they changed their style there not as hip hop and as individual? as they used to be,
    they seem to have impersonated a couple of artists.
    its growing on me a bit but i want there monkey business style back.


  21. Jay

    I finally heard the whole album and I love it! Every song is amazing! I think this their best album! Missing You, I Gotta Feeling, Showdown and Rock That Body are the truth! This album 808′s & Heartbreak and Fantasy Ride are my favorite album’s this year. My dream tour would be BEP, Ciara and Kanye, that would be dope!


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