Video: Jadakiss – ‘Who’s Real’

Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz

Jadakiss asks “Who’s Real?” in his new video featuring Swizz Beatz and OJ Da Juiceman. The TAJ-directed clip is for the latest single off Jada’s third solo album The Last Kiss. Listen to the Double R remix here.

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  1. ugh

    *hey* *hey* OJ *hey* THE *hey* JUICE *hey* MAN *hey* *hey* RUINS *hey* THIS *hey* SONG *hey* *hey* *hey*.

    could this video be more boring??


  2. Lana B. Eezy

    ^^lmao…..ay…ay…ay okay…yeah the song ain’t all that and da ju mayne could’ve kept his verse…


  3. emari

    omg that got this video from 106andpark lm[fly]ao


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