Jay-Z Enlists Drake for New Single

Jay-Z and Drake

Jay-Z has the streets on lock with his buzz single “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).” Now the best rapper alive is preparing to unleash his radio single featuring the most-talked-about artist of the moment.

DJ Skee had the opportunity to preview “Off That,” Jay’s first single from The Blueprint 3. “I don’t want to really ruin the surprise,” the host of Sirius XM’s “Skeetox” radio show reluctantly tells Rap-Up.com. “I mean it’s Jay, he’s killing it.”

While he didn’t disclose details, he did build anticipation for the record. “Jay sounds pretty incredible, man.”

Skee confirmed that hip-hop’s hottest newcomer, Drake, lends his talent to the song and that we should hear it in July, while The Blueprint 3 is expected in September.

–Reporting by David Fromayan

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  1. Jerome Cloud

    Jay stay relevant… Blueprint 3… is on the way!


  2. JRJRbaby

    i still don’t get all the hype about drake. he’s nothing out of this world.


  3. iZIK

    Blueprint 3 probably/hopefully gonna be the hottest album to come out this year…. and dude Drake spits that FIYA (check out So Far Gone Mixtape) and boy still aint even signed yet, im ready to hear his album


  4. Hova is so hot!!

    Cant wait!! but jay could have done his first official singer without Drake tho!!!

    BP33 is coming!! yeah..rap up hova is the best rapper alive!


  5. BS

    who produced the song ?

    and Drake sucks…


  6. BP86

    i don’t understand all the hype about Drake? No offense to him but, to me, he’ll always be known as little wheel chair Jimmy in Degrassi.


  7. Lana B. Eezy

    Damn y’all some Drake haters…he’s probably better than your favorite rapper. And if your favorite rapper is Jay-Z then he’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. All I’m saying is don’t hate before you even get to know what dude’s message is and what he’s all about…


  8. noelle

    I was about to say for Jay to enlist the help of Drake on his last studio album for Def Jam ever, that is a big deal! This album is a part of a trilogy..but then I remembered..this shit is independent lol


  9. sexiikiim09

    Jay-Z is wack as well not only drake he overated!


  10. my opinion

    Jay z has lost his swag just like his b.i.tch wife. aint no one checking for them


  11. Royal

    waoow there are some crazy haters in here. If u think jay lost his swag and drake is shit and over rated you are not eligible to comment on this topic. Because you don’t know hip-hop and ur opinions are just based off hate, listen to yourselves.


  12. sexiikiim09

    im tired of drake gettin so much exposure and he aint new sound or somethin ordinary so whats up with all this buzz? he aint that nice not suppose to read freestyles from a blackberry come on drake step ya game up!


  13. sexiikiim09

    * extradionary *


  14. The Reaper

    I like Drake’s sound and flow. But Rakim he aint-
    Lets see what he brings with time.


  15. younghardy

    yo wat the fuck is haters doin up here first off to that bitch MY OPINION yo nigga uz a punk nigga jayz the fuckn greatest nigga his flow is ill fire nd his wife beyonce still got swag y u think she b on err mag yo dumb ass lk at like drake iz fire for one so shut the fuck up jay get money beyonce get money bitch wat the fuck yu got nd if u like lil wayne yu trippn dat goes for all ya dhat nigga dnt tlk bout nun important he bullshit he look soo fuckin dumb nd dirty but jayz will always be the best rapper alive nd BP3 SEP.11TH hater fall the fuck back cuz wat jayz doin yu punk ass wish yu can do ur a PUSSY ASS NIGGA


  16. katheine

    ya some haters ya dont even kno wtf ya talkin bout
    ya kno zip bout hip hop .. and yes he will for his roll in degrassi but none of ya cant say dat drake is becoming one of the best rappers in this game i have hope for him …
    i bet ya have heard him freestyle heard any of his many songs..
    most of ya say y da big deal but ya favorite artist are da ones making hym a big deal so quit ya hating cuz ya going tew have tew here him in every hit dat yew here from now on
    he has recorded wit da best in da game and ya hating cuz he making it big …
    haterz keep on hating cuz dat going tew make him greater…
    keep on doing your thing drake a lot of us believe in yew ….
    much love
    hope yew become very successful so all these haters can eat they words… <3
    tu lokita always


  17. Your mom

    Lana B. Easy is an idiot. I doubt very much that Jay-Z even has a favorite rapper. He is enlisting drake because all the little girls and perez hilton’s will buy his singles on iTunes. Jay sees $$$ not talent.



    ENVY IS FORM OF HATERED AND IS MOTIVATION FOR SUCCESS FOR THE PERSON BEING HATED ON. JAYZ is a businessman first than a rapper second. He came in the game with insight on how the ‘game is ran’ hence the endorsements, night clubs and clothing lines. JAYZ is catering to the up and coming (DRAKE) similar to JAYZ honoring UGK (introduce them to ‘Hollywood’ and MTV) on Big Pimpin, Mary J. on Reasonble Doubt, wrote Dr.Dre raps on Eniemen singles and gave life support to varies other whack rappers careers. This ‘Game’ is chest not checkers! Lil Wayne similiar to other rappers music needs to develop and grow up!


  19. K-MONEY

    i fux wit drizzy he doin his numbers and jay-z aka “BEST RAPPER ALIVE” ill put my life on it this song gon be fire!!!!!!!


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