Video: Taylor Swift f/ T-Pain – ‘Thug Story’

T-Pain and Taylor Swift

Country star Taylor Swift (T-Swizzle) meets Auto-Tune King T-Pain (T-Pizzle) in the video for their unexpected collaboration, which aired on the 2009 CMT Music Awards.

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  1. diane

    I watched the CMT Awards just for this. In a word. Hilarious! I love Taylor Swift so much for doing this. I mean I loved her before but I love her even more now lol


  2. LMAO!

    that was cute.
    white girl do your thang.


  3. Jessa

    PRICELESS! so…umm…is she gonna continue her rap career? LOLOL I KIDDD!


  4. Jay

    LOL That was great! I love this! Pretty funny, but T-Pain’s melody was real nice though. Taylor might not be gangsta for real, but it was pretty gangsta how she dominated the charts for so long. Do ya thing T-Swizzle. :)

    “In my extra small white T” Ha, classic!


  5. UNE (305)

    LOL despite what jay-z might think about auto-tune, t-pain is still the man! lol…t-swizzle had me rollin lol


  6. Jaelani

    The end is funny. “I didn’t even swear”, lol.


  7. Julia

    it’s such fun! Unusual to see Taylor in this style)))))))


  8. miss A

    u have got to be joking :)) no ofence but this has nothing to do with rap! just play that to method or jay :)) and ask them what they think


  9. An0thrDream


    I LOVE taylor swift

    she looks like an Angel

    I loved the end


  10. Nick

    OH SNAP! White gurl got game!


  11. diane

    @miss A

    “Thug Story” was done in good fun. Its not to be taken seriously. Now take the carrot outta your ass and lighten up!


  12. DJ Triumph

    funny stuff.


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