Electrik Red Stands Up Against H8

Electrik Red

Electrik Red joins the NOH8 campaign in support of marriage equality and equal rights among the gay community. The NOH8 campaign is a photo project and silent protest against discrimination started by Jeff Parshley and Adam Bouska. Aubrey O’Day is also among the celebrities photographed.

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  1. rushawn

    Can’t wait for the new single. What is is anyway??? i thought it was W.F.Y bt i guess not.


  2. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    the next single is “p is for power”…they look hott


  3. Dillon_68

    Yeah, it’s P is for Power.


  4. Burmy

    Wow…I can’t support this. No way.

    Yes, I am (or at least was) a fan of the group-but I’m a CHRISTIAN first. These ladies make good music, but they did NOT die for my sins! (My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did)

    And no, I do not hate homosexuals (I see them as people made in God’s image and likeness just like the rest of us), I just can’t accept what this is trying to push. Men are meant to be into women, and women to men-that’s the way God made us (which is why only two members of the opposite sex can procreate).

    I am aware and ready for the oncoming slew of insults to be poured against me-but many people have been killed because of their loyalty to Jesus, so I am ready to have the same happen to me.


  5. jj

    i like it. dawn richard did this shit too, rap-up post that too


  6. Lilly

    @ Burmy..We’re not gonna slew insult agains you, we’re just gonna ignore you. We’re not gonna try to get your mind into the 21th century, but we’ll leave it stuck in the pre-history.

    Good luck to you and your Jesus!


  7. jj

    @lilly well sed!

    @burmy why come to a music site and express yours reviews on it? Jus comment on pic if you wanna talk about bible and wrong and right, write a blog or mail a letter to someone who cares!
    Its views like yours that hinder our society if someone wrote the bible sayin this was acceptable you’ll be happy with it so you aint goin off your own thoughts you beliving what your told to!
    Heck I read books santa dosent come to your house if your naughty but I get gifts under my tree lol
    Leave bible and what you belive to church cuz we here don’t give a crap…

    What’s right and wrong ?

    Bible says dnt cheat or curse but that’s really accepted in out soceity! but this isent?
    Hmmm makes no sense to me


  8. jrib!

    This whole campaign can be more creative!

    Kinda doing what they did a few yrs back with what’s goin on tribute in away with mouths coved

    @ jj

    That was funny about santa lmao I get what you sayin


  9. a

    I support same sex marriage!!


  10. Nickki

    They will do anything to try to sell more then 15 records.
    I suport same sex marriage as well, but come on girls really Lame-Moes…

    Really….they will do anything..just like standing on the side of the road begging people to buy their record.

    yall going to need a little more then this girls to help yall along the way.


  11. james

    Trying to get the GAY Vote… wow keep trying, what about the serious issues out here in this world. They want to support same sex marriages and people are dieing left and right and kids are starving everyday.

    I think there just doing this to try to boost their ratings.



  12. Kyle

    @ Lilly: Great response, soooo true. Times are changing, so people have to accept that. Anyway, Electrik Red look absolutely awesome. Binkie is soooo sexy.


  13. james

    Looks like to me their trying to win over the gay vote.

    i dont really about these girls they have potty mouths and i ask the question are they a good look for our black Society. Now there trying to cross over in the gay Community. i think there doing anything to try to make a name for there selves. i agree with Nickki


  14. mac

    gay or straight i ain’t gonna hate…….(took me 9yrs to think that up) ooooooooh shiiiiieeeet,i’m destined to rap homies! peace!!



    @ burmy
    “many people have been killed for jesus”…
    blah blah blah
    and many people have not been killed because and for their identity???????????????????????????????????????


  16. Devin

    Perhaps you might consider doing some historical research on your religious beliefs and understand a few things for yourself. I too am Christian but I do not share your view.

    It could be very fulfilling to really analyze and dig deep through The Good Book. You will find some very beneficial points.

    God Bless.


  17. Harvey

    What kind of name is Binkie anyway?


  18. Harvey

    Or nickname/stage name rather…


  19. Dominicano

    thx Er for standing up for a great cause!!! NOH8!!!!yall need to get into it!!! WE QUEER AND WE ARE HERE!


  20. momo

    @burmy im with u no matter what other people say god said that being gay is a sin….if u read any religious book u will find that being gay is a sin so why do people try 2 keep pushing this…


  21. Jesus

    @ JJ: LMAO @ Santa’s reference but I guess everyone saw the point ;)


  22. Equal Rights

    @ momo, you really don’t know your own religion, that’s sad. Committing homosexual acts is a sin, not being gay. Why exactly should YOUR religion be the root core for the LEGAL bind that is marriage? It’s disgusting how much religion plays into law, despite the Separation of Church and State.


  23. momo

    um same exactly same thing right no shit i know that but thanks for thing ure telling me something…please…..


  24. momo

    excuse me b4 u say some other s*ht (thinking ure telling me something.) also because we are acoutable for everything we do on this earth and the people who have same sex marrige aproved well be acountable before god….now maybe u dont belive in god but i do and everything u,i and everybody else does u we will have 2 ansewr for regardless if u belive in in him or not…people always thinking they saying something


  25. Dominicano

    if you nut jobs read the “Real Bible” on hebrew you will know gay isnt a sin at all and Marriage was never found by christians it was found by “Roman Catholic’s” so do research before u bigots talk ya shit


  26. UserQQQQ

    i’ll just say boo to the campaign AND the pictures.. just lameness all around today.


  27. Equal Rights

    @momo So your your religion has the right to discriminate and restrict rights to those who don’t even follow your religion? Please, when you get an argument that isn’t backed by religion that dehumanizes same-sex couples, come back some other time.


  28. Burmy


    1. Catholics ARE Christians, as are Eastern Orthodox and Protestants.
    2. My real Bible says marriage was around since the beginning: “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”
    3. Nowhere does it say “gay isn’t a sin at all”? We don’t feel the attraction is a sin-it’s just temptation (even Jesus Himself was tempted). The sin is the actions-giving into temptation.

    I would put lots of Bible verses condemning the actions (called “sodomy” after what happened in Sodom & Gomorrah), but you wouldn’t listen anyway…


  29. Jayla

    Cute photos!!! And love your song “SO GOOD”


  30. Dominicano

    burmy who ever told you lied to you ! catholics and christians are not the same dumb ass!


  31. Burmy


    And how are they not the same? I’m a Catholic, and if I wasn’t a Christian, why would I refer to Jesus as my “Lord and Savior”?


  32. Dominicano

    Burmy my father is a catholic and they worhsip mother mary not Jesus they recognize him but they see mother mary is the birth of the world so get your facts str8 stupid ass do your research


  33. Dominicano

    *EDIT* i didnt mean worship but they life is around GOD,Jesus, And Mary


  34. Dominicano

    Aslo i apologize burmy most of my comments out of anger i just wanna rights that everyone has and i respect your views as well and not trying to change it i just want equalilty thats all i ask


  35. ...

    Props to the group for participating in this cause. Regardless of whether they believe in it or not, they’re getting the word out and that’s the most important thing.

    And I find it funny that people are so selective about what they take from the Bible. I guess people will find any reason to hate.


  36. elizabeth`

    i thought gays didn’t want “marriage” but a “civil partnership” ?


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