New Music: R. Kelly f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Number 1 Sex’ (Final)

R. Kelly and Keri Hilson

Kells teams up with Keri Hilson on the first single off his new album Untitled, due in September. This is the final mix of the song with new lyrics and a real verse from Miss Keri. We actually prefer the leaked version. Props to DJ Skee for the audio.

R. Kelly f/ Keri Hilson – “Number 1 Sex” (Final Mix)

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  1. Kid Fury

    I like them both!



    get it keri ! ! ! ! !


  3. rihanna 4 lyf

    miss keri baby jheeze


  4. hellosinjin

    This doesn’t beat Mariah carey’s “Obsessed”.


  5. Lil' Nello

    Real good 1st single I’m loving this joint a lot & can’t wait for the new album! KELLZ!


  6. lame

    she does good on other people’s songs.


  7. carl

    That’s a bad pic of her.


  8. listen

    i was just about to write that carl! haha. i feel like the person that posted that did it on purpose with the intent of having an ugly picture of her up. hahah. but the song is lame. keri is so talented…but she never seems to benefit from her features.


  9. Catie

    Seriously, she looks awful in that pic.

    The song is decent, i wouldn’t say it’s anything special.


  10. `shawt-aye.

    She looks like a drag in that picture …


    The link has expired and i wanna hear Mr. Closet!


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