Richgirl to Open for Beyoncé


Richgirl has been officially announced as the opening act for the North American leg of Beyonce’s I Am… tour.

Rich Harrison’s R&B quartet will perform a 15-minute set which will include their new single, “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho).” Richgirl recently completed their stint as the opening act for R&B singer Mario on the BK FamFest national tour and is currently working on their debut album.

Learn more about Audra, Brave, Lyndriette, and Seven here.


6/21 New York City – Madison Square Garden
6/22 New York City – Madison Square Garden
6/23 Baltimore, MD First – Mariner Arena
6/24 Washington DC – Verizon Center
6/26 Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center
6/27 Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Coliseum Complex
6/29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Bank Atlantic Center
7/1 Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
7/4 Houston, TX – Toyota Center
7/5 Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
7/7 Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center
7/9 Sacramento, CA – Arco Arena
7/10 Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena
7/11 Anaheim, CA – Honda Center
7/13 Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
7/17 Chicago, IL – United Center
7/18 Detroit, MI – Palace of Auburn Hills
7/20 Toronto, ONT – Molson Amphitheatre
7/23 Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun
7/24 East Rutherford, NJ – Izod Center

*Future dates may be added

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  1. Vaun

    OMG Im gonna be there in ATL…Cant wait


  2. Lilly

    I totaly saw this one coming. Frank Gatson Beyonce’s lifetime choreographer, choreograph their ‘He Ain’t With Me Now Tho’ video and Richard Garrison their founder, is Beyonce’s favorite producer(I’m kinda mad at her for not working with him on I Am…Sasha Fierce though).

    That’s why you can tell the similarities between them, Bee and Destiny’s Child, because they are working with the same peoples.

    Touring with Beyonce is going to be a good look for them. Lots of exposure!

    I’m really rooting for these ladies.


  3. Lilly

    I mean Richard ‘Rich’ Harrison.


  4. Jaelani

    Omg, Beyonce she shouldn’t have did that. One of the chicks in the group already sound like her! That’s gonna be crazy.


  5. Kyle

    Good for them! I’ve been eager to hear more from them since I heard “He Ain’t Wit Me Now Tho” about a month ago. Any word on when their debut album is dropping?


  6. v

    go richgirl!!!!!!!!!


  7. Burmy


    Richgirl is signed to Jive…So a bigger question would be IF their debut album’s dropping!

    JIVE = WORST LABEL FOR AN URBAN ARTIST TO SIGN TO! (just ask Clipse & ‘em)


  8. DJ Triumph

    congrat to the girl they good singer.


  9. lame



  10. Jay

    Man I love these girls, they’re amazing! These ladies can sang!! Definitely the best girl group in a while.

    and that’s awesome them opening for Beyonce! That should really be a great tour.

    I’m still waitin to see RichGirl perform their song on tv


  11. Julia

    envy to all who will go to her concert! envy of the good))))


  12. listen

    jive has Ciara, Chris Brown, R.Kelly and others. Doesn’t sound like the worst label for an urban artist to me…


  13. Me

    Yeah rich girls and chris brown have the same manager. Its better for them to be on jive than def jam because they have to many people over there. Thats why chris brown went to jive in the first place.


  14. DJ Triumph

    yea jive is a good label if you do R&B.


  15. leann

    Im sosososos Happy for them , these girls are alwsome, congrads to them, shut down richgirl


  16. leann

    Im sosososos Happy for them , these girls are alwsome, congrads to them, shut down richgirl


  17. leann

    I ment to say shut it down richgirl , i love yall girls


  18. Manie

    I have heard alot about them. I glad to see them getting there thing on, It looks like there doing the damn thing,Richgilr has my Blessings. Good Job Gilrs


  19. Burmy

    OK…If Jive is such a good label for R&B, then why don’t these ladies have a release date for their album?


  20. Catie

    I’m a huge RichGirl fan so this is great news. This is the kind of exposure they need.


  21. Dante

    they dont have a release date because they are still recording new stuff for the album dumbass. know your facts before you start talking smack.


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