New Music: Plies – ‘Becky’


You’ll never think of the name Becky the same after hearing Plies’ first single off Goon Affiliated, his fourth album in two years, slated to drop in September. We’re told that this will be Plies’ first album to include a featured rapper.

Plies – “Becky”

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  1. crunkpoet

    havent h eard the song but its plies!! shit ill i know im like it lol


  2. Julia

    like it, in principle, like all his songs


  3. Sexxy

    goon, money, swagger blablablalba. this dude is a fraud at its finest. he can’t rap. the definition of WACK.


  4. antsme

    song has a hot beat but come on Plies!!!! Please rap about somethin other than getting your d*ck sucked.


  5. Nick

    Why are his songs so good ONLY when he’s not the one singing?


  6. DJ Triumph

    plies song is good it for the ladies.


  7. Who

    Plies needs to stop making new albums , its annoying, hes not worth listening to.


  8. sexiikiim09

    i didnt hear it yet looks like it gonna sound good but i wouldnt be surprised and love the album cover!


  9. Pretzky



  10. Jo G atx45

    Dat my ncka from day 1 i feel him 2 da fullest fck them h8az i got all his cds i feel his music like i do UGK DAT 3rd coast shit he my ncka



    LOL .. fuk hes mineee (: alright?


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