New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Smash’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown deals with an overzealous groupie fan on “Smash,” a leaked track from his Graffiti recording sessions. “Hit it, hit it, hit it, smash,” he sings on the Auto-Tune-laced production. We know what you’re thinking.

Chris Brown – “Smash”

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  1. Giselle

    What a coincidence Rap-Up!


  2. Lilly

    @ this point chrissy doesn’t have any business using words like “hit” and “smash” in a song, If you know what I mean!


  3. goons

    song is old..has been on youtube for months…


  4. suzieblue

    It’s his Billie Jean!!!! :D


  5. just me

    i like the song, people think to far omg ‘hit it, hit it’ i don’t care its kinda of cool how he sing it


  6. Dayhaaler

    dont like it! it sounds strange

    follow me on twitter if you want to talk about music and other stuff ,just chattin


  7. Nanye West

    hit it hit hit smash then go to court lol
    but its nice song
    i liked it


  8. Nick

    The IRONY at the song be called SMASH!



  9. rtrrtrt

    it’s some old unreleased. not from Graffity sessions…


  10. AJ



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  12. Catie

    Yeah, singing a song called “Smash” right now isn’t the best idea for Chris. The song is boring, next.


  13. An0thrDream

    I dont really like the sound – the “rapping” and all.. it sounds pretty off

    he should be straying from any connotation that involves words that provoke violence..


  14. ...

    Goofy lookin’ motherfucker. I hope his career is dead.


  15. DJ Triumph

    it sound ok.


  16. me



  17. Nick

    Gawd I hate this fag. He so fricken conceited and arrogant. I hope his album flops HARD.


  18. Jay

    Yeah, it’s ight. This definitely won’t be a single


  19. Me

    It doesnt matter it wont be on the new album so who cares.


  20. sexiikiim09

    i never heard it yet but wow @ these comments damn chris def not a good look!


  21. Lady Luv

    Wow! I feel so sad for Chris Brown, I don’t or won’t ever be fan a again but I’m sad he run his career strait n2 the ground by being a cocky arrogent person after beating someone, I understand the “move along” theory but I don’t or won’t think of him the same, musically he shouldn’t put anything that invokes violent actions in his music as people may misconstrude the message he is trying 2 convey, with love… Lady Luv


  22. Fresh Prince

    damn yall when will yal let this go?! its about his music not his personal life, which has nothing to do wit his music…damn yall act like he did it to yall smh GET OVER IT…

    although it is a funny concept.


  23. bijan

    im so excited for storch to work with him but this kinda succcccccccccccccks


  24. `shawt-aye.

    LMFAO @ his shape up.

    Back to subject …

    Bad choice of song.


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  26. jojo

    christ brown did you now that michael jackson is die?


  27. Kelly

    New song? Old song! Ripped from The Launch from Dj Jean….
    No wonder it’s leacked because it’s stolen. ;-)


  28. rip MJ



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