New Music: The-Dream – ‘Hit It on the Road’

Carmen Milian, The-Dream, and Christina

The-Dream references his new fiancé, Christina Milian, on “Hit It on the Road,” a song about T&A set to booming bass.

“My girl’s Cuban and I’m plain hot, I guess you call that Spanish fly,” he sings on the track that would make his future mother-in-law blush.

The-Dream – “Hit It on the Road”

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  1. Taijmonae Parker

    um it kinda of wack…i mean if he tryin 2 get more sales this is not the song to do it


  2. DJ Triumph

    sounds ok. sound like he tryin to rap.


  3. mal

    thank GOD, its not in xtreme auto tune


  4. Kyle

    I feel like their relationship is just for show. Guarantee you they’re going to get a divorce somewhere down the line.


  5. Jay

    It’s ok.

    Where is Christina’s album?!? Come on Dream!


  6. Giselle



  7. BE

    Christina is a goldigger.


  8. dillon_68

    Apparently, this is the first promo single off of “Love Vs. Money: The Hangover Edition”, I can’t wait for the re-release!

    If you’re wondering how I know this, the trailer premiered on Youtube yesterday….


  9. sexiikiim09

    nah chill dream not feelin this one!


  10. Holara

    I love it!! And Christina ain’t no gold digger so stfu.


  11. Catie

    No, The-Dream you are not “hot”.

    We just want to hear new Christina Milian music!


  12. Honneyy

    I must say the Dream and Ne-yo are the baddest in the rnb industry for the gents at th moment..SUPER HOT..
    Dud just kkeeps on dropping beat after beat its totallydude…


  13. tavia



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