Video: Snoop Dogg Moon Walks with Buzz Aldrin

Snoop Dogg, Buzz Aldrin, and Talib Kweli

Man on the moon Buzz Aldrin explores more uncharted territory, hip-hop, by recording a rap song (“Rocket Experience”) with Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli.

“I have only two passions, space exploration and hip-hop,” says the astronaut. Soulja Boy and Quincy Jones weigh in on the moon man’s musical impact and the 79-year-old shrugs off Auto-Tune in the Funny or Die spoof.

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  1. the land down under

    Buzz Aldrin is a good sport…good on him


  2. ugh



  3. DJ Triumph

    funny thank.


  4. DJ Triumph

    now that walkin on the moon.


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