Video: 50 Cent – ‘I’ll Do Anything’

50 Cent

50 Cent wears Gucci down to his socks in the video for “I’ll Do Anything” off War Angel. 50 calls the song the closest thing to a commercial hit record on the mixtape. But the Gucci suit is so ’90s, Curtis.

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  1. Deejay Metafour

    Dapper Dan suits are coming back, haven’t you heard?


  2. king

    wat a good song


  3. cwalk

    its all about the gucci thang. damn its tight


  4. B-A-T

    im’ just wondering why always he calls his girls a bitches… respect for anybody…even these pretty things…



    omg hahahahahahahhaa are u serious? Gucci doesnt make jackets like that i go in the store all the time Ross really got inside this dudes head sayin he cant dress so he tried to overdo it with the Gucci that shit looks ugly. This Monkey lol!


  6. UNE (305)

    LOL What a sad story for the Munkey! …oh the mighty have fallen..!


  7. Harvey

    That Gucci outfit is what’s up. That’s hot.


  8. Matt

    sounds almost like he is trying to recreate the same success that 21 questions had with this song


  9. bass_man

    eh. laughable.


  10. king

    man 50 is back like he first started Gucci does have these jakets wat u talkin about. and that lame as fat peace of shit officer ricky is done


  11. Facebook User

    you gotta be kidding me…..if this is a preview of his new album count me out


  12. sexiikiim09

    no comments


  13. Catie

    That was awful. 50 Cent, please just stop.


  14. shawndale

    50 is weak azz hell


  15. Dizzy

    i want that Gucci jacket


  16. natasha

    where can i get that gucci jacket??????


  17. yeahit'sme

    @Natasha you can try a link called exclusivegame or


    steve Reply:

    @yeahit’sme, its louis lmao you guys soft


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