Rap-Up 4th Anniversary & Summer Issue Release Party


Cover star Ciara poses with the Summer 2009 issue of Rap-Up at Rap-Up‘s 4th Anniversary & Summer Issue Release Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood on Friday (June 26).

LeToya Luckett, Adrienne Bailon, Lil’ Mama, Teairra Mari, Melody Thornton, and Shanell were among those who attended the star-studded event presented by VTech and G-Shock. DJ Skee manned the ones and twos, playing everything from Michael Jackson to The Game.

VIPs went home with gift bags valued at over $500, including a G-Shock/Baby-G watch, VTech IS9181 Wi-Fi Internet radio, VTech LS5145 Bluetooth cordless phone, SUPER sunglasses, ck one fragrance, Griffin iPhone case, Chaser vintage T-shirt, and Vans bag.

Photo credit: APN

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  1. R.I.P. MJ

    whoop whoop !!!!!!!! cici looking hott


  2. Vaun

    No shade but cici looks a lil tranny in this pic..she’s pretty but a lil tranny


  3. CB

    she looks darker or was it jut da light


  4. lmi1106

    she looks great


  5. mr_baxter

    agreed, she looks tranny in this pic


  6. mac

    co sign Vaun….took the words and image right from my head. but i’ll still smash.


  7. An0thrDream

    She looks hot!!


  8. carl

    cici looking a bit off in the face in this one :(


  9. Catie

    Yeah, she’s been looking like this for a week now. I don’t know if it’s her eyebrows or something else but her face has been looking a little..strange.


  10. Dominicano

    I agree with carl i dont know if it’s the make- up or what but fab outfit!!!


  11. Hocine

    Toya looks really good! Gorgeous!


  12. Grant

    Whats that at the side on shannels face?

    Ciara still fine to me but lil’ mama look like she ready for some tatts…she look like a hood chick


  13. Rushawn

    Hi i live in Massachusetts and can’t find the magazine to buy. Can u find me a location to buy it around the Springfield area.


  14. Rick

    LeToya looks GREAT, checking out them legs Toya and they looks real good!!! I can’t wait for her Album on August 25th, and I can’t wait to see her perform tomorrow!


  15. carl

    Teairras weave look awful.


  16. Jay

    Look like it was a great night!

    Cici lookin so fine!


  17. Jay

    …and all the ladies lookin good!

    I think Ciara and Lil Mama should do a record together…I think they would kill it!


  18. Neka

    Ciara look a tranny!


  19. Kid Fury

    Looks like it was a great party. Congrats on your four years, Rap-Up!


  20. DJ Triumph

    everybody look good.


  21. lol

    LeToya looks fabolous. Love the hot pink lipstick!

    Ciara I love everything about her outfit.


  22. Burmy

    Just to set the record straight: LIL MAMA IS 19 YEARS OLD (so she BEEN legal)

    Now that I have alleviated your fear, feel free to make these comments about her (I think she needs to stop by Wisconsin sometime so this shawty can get loose and have her lip gloss be poppin-over me of course!)


  23. ugh

    wtf?! that shanell girl (who is she?) look a mess!

    cici and lil mama look like they competing in some drag queen competition. i dont know cici lately the eyebrows and makeup(dark mask around the cheekbones and forhead) make her look masculine. she look fly as hell in the L,S,M video and on the rap-up cover.

    tea’s wig aint on point, she should have came with her nivea wig from the cause a scene video haha

    melody’s mustache and kitchen are distracting.

    Letoya looks BANGING! girls take note!

    Denyce and Alesha look good, dont know who they are but they looking fly.

    Adriennes boobs look so far apart in that dress she got on. looks kind of funny. she needs a new hair style (hasnt changed in YEARS)

    DJ skee can hit and skee(t) anytime LOL

    damn rap-up you should give one of those gift bags away as a contest (including international readers, cause canada aint that far from ya, just look north:P)


  24. Rap-Up

    Thanks for all your wishes. We may do a cool giveaway on the site soon. :)


  25. sexiikiim09

    ciara looks weird a little bit thinner compared to the cover


  26. martha

    letoya slayin dem hoes. SHE shouldve been on the cover. not floppin ass ciara


  27. Nick


    LMFAO! I dont even like Ciara but LOL Letoya is floppin harder than she is!


  28. MACH

    lol @ Nick.. y’all crazy..

    but I love LeToya and Ci.

    Ci does look like a man here to put it bluntly. idk… don’t know what it is, but just callin it like I see.

    Lil Mama looks great! One of her best appearances no doubt.

    The rest are cool, but forgettable.

    Gift bags was lookin RIGHT tho lol


  29. Rushawn

    Rap-Up seriously, I need help!!!!!i live in Massachusetts and can’t find the magazine to buy. Can u find me a location to buy it around the Springfield area.


  30. Doug

    Yo rap up. I luv ur magazine and i think it would be awesome if u guys released a new issue every month or two. Thank you rap up 4 being such an awesome magazine!


  31. Floost

    Сенкс за инфу, почитал с интересом.


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