Europe Says Goodbye to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Remembered

The world is mourning the loss of Michael Jackson. His music was universal and transcended generations. Thousands of fans gathered at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to pay their respects to the King of Pop. He will be honored at tonight’s BET Awards.

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  1. djbaps

    i love you michael…R.I.P


  2. Jessa

    R.I.P MJ…..your legacy lives on.



    umm i know this is out of topic but y do rap-up have a mcdonalds background? what happened to the other one?

    michael put a impact on everyone lives around the globe literally


  4. joey

    should be a michael jackson beckground^

    just a thought.
    rip mike


  5. Jaelani

    That’s beautiful, ppl really loved him. I’m listening to his song “Remember the Time” rite now!


  6. Giselle

    It really is beautiful to see ALL people around the world, pay tribute to Michael. Its amazing how one person touched the whole world. I really wish people would have shown him all of this love while he was here, maybe he would have been in better spirits. God rest his soul.


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