Is Soulja Boy Calling It Quits?

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Tell’em may be turning the crank down on his hip-hop career. The “Turn My Swag On” rapper took to Twitter to vent his frustrations on Wednesday night.

Soulja Boy posted a series of tweets in response to the hate and negativity he has experienced. He expressed his desire to go back to the days when he was not famous and even contemplated leaving the rap game.

This comes at the height of the 18-year-old MC’s career. He performed at Sunday’s BET Awards and topped the charts with his singles “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and “Turn My Swag On.”

“Like no bullshit… I’m looking on Twitter right.. all people doing is bitchin/hatin … Thinkin about taking all my money and leaving

Fuck having a Million followers fuck putting out music.. why? for yall to cry and bitch all the time. Put up new vidoes for what? fuck it

Shit ain’t how it use to be. Niggaz always fucking up public shit. Niggaz always hating… this world is looking real ugly right now…

Yeah I said. fuck all of yall. I’m taking my money and leaving. Gonna go blow kush and live my 2nd dream. this rap shit lame now

Like why? Like really. My music dream was THE SHIT 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine.

Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these crackaz wanna critcize a nigga. take REAL SHIT and turn it to trash

Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something i’m not. THESE CRACKERS DONT KNOW WHO THE FUCK I REALLY AM!!!

I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my shit hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media

It’s all bullshit. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it’s my dream? that shit died when crank that went #1

I know what you thinking. But SOULJA BOY its the American dream your rich I would kill to be in your shoes. thats what you THINK its all BS!

They say soulja boy u changed. soulja boy u hollywood I ain’t ask for this SHIT!!!!!! I want it to go back to how it was before i was signed

I might be soundin crazy now.. I don’t really know about alot of things these days. But I just want EveryBODY to know this shit

Just KNOW that i’m only 18 man… And it’s only so much I can do. It’s only so much I can take. If your really fans and love and support me

You would hear me out and help ya boy get thru this shit..

I know everybody is gonna have opinions on the things that i’m saying right now.. but there it is. I’m not perfect. feel the shit im sayin”

Soulja Boy has been working on his third album, The DeAndre Way, scheduled for release later this summer.

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  1. Dominicano

    I don’t care for him but i know how he feels when he feel like its not going good for him, everyone has their ups and downs and i hope he doesn’t give up rapping just because some people don’t care for his music…but hey he gotta give it moving! he just need some motivation but seriously he raps about shit! IMO!


  2. What?

    Not a fan, I get tired of the rich people complaining. They may claim to be just like us but they have the money we can only dream about, get thick skin because EVERYBODY gets talked about including us non Celebs. Suck it up or get out of the game, only the strong survive there is no room for wimps!


  3. Carl

    I feel you but at the same time there is a limit that anybody can take, we are all human and for people to be so damn harsh is ridiculous. Either way he is going to sell records but at the same time people need to stop being so mean all the time it’s ashamed that in our society where dreams are suppose to come true, we are at times pushed back instead of being able to succeed.


  4. Dominicano

    Damn..Carl thats true!


  5. ugh

    go kill yoself soulja bitch! you single handedly killed the music industry with your shitty ass music. KILLED THAT SHIT! Ice-T was right soulja bitch, you should have listened to him and quit.

    “youuuuuuu” SUCK!

    “hopped up out my bed turn my swag on…” you still look grimey as fuck! “took a look in the mirror” and it broke!

    “da da da da da kiss me thru the phone” id rather peel my face off with a potato peeler!



  6. bijan

    This is such a good move for hiphop.
    WE need a change in music. Soulja Boy and his ringtone rapping made rapping look flaky and pointless.


  7. emil

    How about he starts to make better music. Bow Wow was young he made good music. Not crap like Crank Dat.


  8. An0thrDream

    “Ugh” needs to sit their ignorant negative self down and go get some help.

    I was never a fan of soulja boy

    But i do RESPECT him, for someone people have criticized SOOOO much, he’s doin it

    He’s had three hit singles, and a few cool songs to club to

    Only eighteen and he’s a multi-millionaire

    how old are ya’ll?? how much money are you guys making? what are you doin to achieve your dreams?

    Answer that, and if your anywhere near where he is, then speak – but until then, have some respect, especially when someone pours it out there for you



  9. goons



  10. MACH

    well, seriously..

    yall act like he’s the first music star or something.. There are a lot of singers and rappers who go through this same thing. That’s why they are always in interviews saying “I don’t read the blogs..” “I ignore the haters”… It may sound cliche, but that’s seriously what they have to do. Everybody has their moments. Another new rapper did the same thing via the internet not long ago (maybe Drake or Cudi).. The industry is a mess.

    There’s a difference between being “hollywood” and growing up/being refined. And to be honest, if all he continues to put out are these nursery rhymes and profanity laced tirades, people WILL think he’s ignorant and a joke.


  11. lolo

    whatever….his ringtone songs will never be classics.

    And why did he say crackers??? Damn fool…..doesnt he know black people hate him?…white people dont know who dat loser is


  12. LaLaLove

    It must be hard & idk who he is, but at a young age, there is still a lot to learn… Well guess he could use his spare time, if he quits, to back to school and start to literally learn.


  13. Ebony

    It seems a lot of people missed the crucial element of his post. He posted that he was suffering from being an industry SLAVE and being forced to do things that were never part of who he was. He signed a deal to sing and dance, and they made him out to be someone he’s not. I’ve never liked Soulja’s ignorant “music” (if we can call it that) but I have compassion for him because he’s only 18, and I think the ONLY way to stop this torture, if you really love him, is to stop supporting “his” music, because you’re not making HIM rich, you’re making his PUPPETEERS rich.

    Soulja doesn’t have “money”. He may be a thousandaire, but not a millionaire (no matter what he claims). And even if he has hundreds of thousands of dollars, major labels keep you broke, unless you produce your thing under your own label. They’re just exploiting him, not enriching him.


  14. ryty

    haha he’s nuts…



    I was on Twitter when he started Posting this shit

    He sed he was gonna leave twitter cuz people was complain and hating
    Then his ass makes 15 post crying so I told him stfu

    If u gonna quit.then do so don’t sit there and post it like we give a fuck he pposting the shit for attention and he got it because rap-up decides to post it so now he gonna get more attention which is what he really wants lets be real…

    And if he so tired of people hatin the stop maken shity music or stop crying

    Tellen twitter im gonna take my money and leave im like yo since when is twitter bank of america wtf u talkn bout Leave aint noone maken u stay break your contract n reitre …. oh but he gotta supposrt his free loader friends so prolly that’s where the presure from….


  16. jorge

    ohhh lord get over it dude just need attention, one minute hes flossing his jewelry now hes all hurt please cry me a river dude, and yes finally i dont have to hear his lame ass music anymore!


  17. Dillon_68

    I admit, I am not the biggest Soulja Boy fan, but it HAS to be stressful being a star, especially on someone his age. It’s not all its cracked up to be. I hate to see him leave though. I hope he pulls through. Haters need to give him a break.


  18. Mac

    if soulja does retire im gonna do the soulja boy dance….not as a tribute but out of sheer happiness. his music is terrible. see you later boy!!!!


  19. Nick

    You reep what you sow. Soulja Boy has been talking trash just because he had one stupid song that went to #1. The ONLY people who buys his music are like little kids between the ages 9 and 13, yet for some reason he thinks that he’s some kind of legendary rapper. How can you take anyone seriously when they rap about Booty meat? Give me a f*cking break. He is human, but I really dont give a crap if he quits.

    He’s so last year anyways. Nobody buys his sh*t albums anymore.


  20. KING

    ITS just sad how people hate on people that are doing good I feel you soulja boy and im a fan of ur music. If you dont like his music dont like it but dont hate on him dont talk your mess. We are all people this world is getting ugglier. we all people and have feelings even if your a millioanare We all have feelings. and no he diddnt kill Hip Hop if he did it would have been gone its common sense people. Dont forget beacuse of soulja boy all these other rapper are getting signed. For example Stanky leg im sure if soulja bou would have never done crank that yall would have never heard of stanky leg. Swag surfin, walk that walk and all those dance songs yall are hearing thers thousands of rappers doning crank that style songs. Soulja Boy paved the way for all these rappers by creating a new Hip Hop style . and with out him their wouldnt have been any . But yall being the haters that yall are are haitng. at least beacuse of him more rappers are making it out the hood and doing something with their lives. all beacuse of soulja boy. HE started that new hop hop dance trend. Thats all i gotta say. and haters i hope yall go to church and change get the devil out of yall.


  21. La'Wayne



  22. Honest 26

    Like I said before, he is only human. Their are ALOT of judgemental people in this world , and I feel sorry for the ones who feel they can sit on their high horses and just judge people like no other. Hollyweird and the entertainment business is ruthless. One min they love you the next minute they hate you. Look what they’ve done to all the other young, black stars??? He is so young and very talented, which is in his favor. He very well could and should take his earnings and invest in something else. Maybe go to college or just take a breather to think about where he wants to be and where he wants to go. His true fans will support him no matter what and respect his decision. I know if it was me I wouldn’t want to be a celeb. Look at the price you pay and in the end does all of that ish matter. ?? No it doesn’t because when you die everyones basically the same.. dead..(celebs get no special place in heaven or hell, because of their status or money)…
    so I suggest he does what makes him happy and tell the haters to kick rocks. Look at the long run and the big picture.. You’ll figure it out. :)



    /He crying dnt do it on twitter if he having problems talk 2 sumone

    He sed tyrese helped him out that’s good

    But dnt go on twitter sayin u wanna quit cuz he kno dam well he dnt wanna be broke like reg people….


  24. he ain't a soulja!

    how can we hate? this fool is using the words “cracker” in his texts. if he were white and used the n word then there would be a uproar, but for some reason he “hasn’t done anything wrong.” grow up! and for a nobody like him to critisise nas in the past makes him eligible to get dissed….this fool should pack his bags now cause your career been fell off you lil b*tch ass rapper!


  25. Royal

    MOST OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARE IGNORANT. Give the kid some slack like fall back. Most of you would break before soulja ever made this twitter. Not everyone on this fuckin site is broke, i confidentially say that most people on this site are not poor. So for those who are saying your lucky ur not broke like regular people…well u damn ignoranas regular people are not broke. GIVE THE KID SOME SLAAAACK STOP HATEING EVERYONE ALLWAYS FUCKING HATES. soulja boy single handedly killed hip hop?….that dance shit started when that snapping music popped off u need to go back and see wtf started the chain reaction and stop basing opinions off other peoples perspective. Think for your damn selves for fucking once have ur own damn opinion. Stop conforming! everyone looking like damn sheep with this herd mentality in here.


  26. jbug22

    god takes michael jackson… n leaves us wit soulja boi…. DAMN!!!! :(


  27. Qwelmann

    I don’t know about what these negative people are feeling but I respect Soulja Boy and no I don’t listen to him like that, but I agree with what a certain artist said, they was like they like the way Soulja Boy is giving people in our age group the ability to go out and pursue their dreams instead of going out and trying to do every negative thing in the damn world. Man I was on my twitter when he was spazzing, and you notice real emotions when they are there, first off, PEOPLE DID THE SAME WHEN KANYE LOST HIS MOM, PEOPLE WAS SYMPATHETIC BUT THINKING THESE ARTISTS ARE GOING TO QUIT, SAME WITH MY DUDE CUDI AND I LOVE THAT GUY DRAKE FOR REAL!!! I don’t hate on anyone, NOT EVEN GUCCI MANE AND LORD KNOWS I DON’T LISTEN TO HIM, I respect these people because their doing their thing, and in a world of negativity. FIRST OFF I WANT SOMEONE TO ANSWER THIS, WHO THE HELL IS DOING SOMETHING LIKE REALLY WITH THEIR LIVES, NOT MONETARY WISE BUT MAKING A DAMN DIFFERENCE!!! He could be in college like me, getting in debt just to get farther, he didn’t do that, he made a difference, but he’s suffering because he’s a slave to a system just like college students are just numbers, we’re just assets to these damn University. NO ONE LIKES TO BE USED, but he does have to toughen up and hang in there, cause look at Kanye, look at Cudi, I saw him having fun with Swizz Beatz on two weeks ago, so to all the artists hang in there, because sacrifices are worth it, Dream On Like Cudi’s Label Says, and be your damn self in a world of the similarities, shit Look at Lil’ Wayne, PEOPLE HATE ON HIM AND HE JUST GET’S EVEN MORE CREATIVE HAAHAHA, MAN I’M DONE, QWELMANN STATUS!




    We understand the biz is hard n sumone tryin get in that field I can understnad

    But my issue is why is he bitchin on twitter about the haters n what not he just given people what the want for him to crack

    He still maken top 10 tracks n what not so why he gotta answer to em he don’t

    He jus aint have to cry on twitter den today be all happy he bipolar or sumthin


  29. ComeOn

    Some of yall respect him cuz he got money??
    So do hookers and people who sell children do they also deserve respect
    Money means nothing

    I hope he does leave music would be a better place

    I do believe the white people should boycott that nigga for saying cracker
    thats racist
    Like come on
    But you know lil white kids not gonna give a fuck
    They will still support him


  30. Get Jeremih's new album!

    Know one made him look ignorent, he did it to himself when he started calling people “crackers”

    But I do feel his frustration, the industry has been making fun of his music since he first stepped on the scene.


  31. dc

    co-sign An0thrDream.

    I hate people who think celebrities don’t have the right to give a shit about what people say about them.. like you forfeit that right when you make a million dollars. I used to hate on Soulja boy but dig it: you can’t hate a dude for getting paid doing what he loves. Last time I checked, he never said he was the best MCIf what he did was so easy, then why don’t you go out and make hits and become a millionaire too? I don’t even try to understand how he became so popular, but just give the dude his props for making his dream come true. People just hatin cuz most of you have jobs that you hate, and you only stay because you need to pay bills. You don’t have to love his music. No one put a gun to your head and made you listen to Crank Dat. You can’t blame a dude b/c people went out and bought his music. Even if it is corny fakeass rap.. who cares? 90% of rappers are fake as hell anyway.


  32. Catie

    I’ll always respect Soulja Boy because how many 18 year olds can produce and write their own music and have it go #1? Whether your a fan or not, he has talent and if you don’t like his music then don’t listen to it.


  33. Please!

    Pass the microphone Soulja Girl, lol. The only people who care are those few fans of urs & how do we know they’re ur fans, well because all the long @$$ speaches givin are only by ur so called “non” fans who sympathize with you. Your making horrible music because of the message you give off & like someone said earlier your only audience are those of young age but if your saying inappropriate slurs in your music, its a wonder how you have few fans left & it makes it obvious how so much of them make them dislike you. Your music has an influence on every individual & if your swearing at a young age yourself how can you expect people to take in your music. Its horrible how you set another bad example about outlashing on your label or w/e when it was you & your soul decision to sell your soul to make such outlandish music, if you really had your morals then selling out & becoming an artist wouldn’t have happened. Maybe you regret it but I regret wasting my time writing such a long comment but I did it anyways cuz those dullusional “fans” of yours don’t realize how the public criticizes you so.


  34. wat

    Oh look, another millionaire celebrity bitching about having a stressful life. WELCOME TO REALITY. Not anyone cares if he quits, he was a complete waste and disgrace to hip hop.


  35. Emm

    Whining about a situation you put yourself into will not get any sympathy from me. Souljah Boy couldn’t see past the dollar signs to see that he was setting himself up to become a fad and eventually fail. It’s his own fault that he turned himself into a pawn, not anyone else’s. His “music” sucks and he’s a walking joke. Maybe he should give up and quit. Perhaps I’d give him the benefit of the doubt if he went back to school and learned the game of music and entertainment.


  36. Kingsta

    RE :

    where else do you want him to b**ih you idiot
    post a video on Youtube would be the same shit. announce it on myspace would be the same shit so I thinck you should stop bit***g leave that kid alone. He going thru things. He said crackers but everyone makes mistakes. He said it out of anger fustruation. Not jsut cause he felt like it. Im sure white people say the N word all the time so stop bitching. He even appoligized. So all of yall hgaters need to stop bit*ing. He is proably younger than some of yall and making more money how embaricing. and like KING said on comment #20 I hope yall go to church and change. get the devil out of yall.


  37. soulja boob

    well, personally speaking, i think that the electronic music industry is destroying the classical stage of life that we all knew and loved beforehand. i meen, who doesn’t use a microwave now? or a microphone? who still enjoys kettle pooped popcorn anymore? these people who hate on people like soulja boob are retarded because they still prolly use antennas on there television sets because they are OLD! SOULJA BOY is like an ant and you are just a microbe? how much more money does soulja boy have that michelle obama HUH?


  38. kanyeezy

    he’s just trying to arouse sympathy from the public so people will buy his albums.
    why else do you think he started bitching about it on twitter.


  39. dee

    ugh agree with u 100% this dude is straight garbage

    soulja boy do us all a favor & sit your lame ass down


  40. DJ Triumph

    Soulja boy you shouldnt quit your an inspiration to the new comer.


  41. Kai Bond

    Please do not allow the media to stress you out soulja Boy. Just make fun, but meaningful music, and learn to take the good with the bad, necause in this industry there is both.God is who u should turn to when you get stressed out like this man. Hr will tell you what to do and how to handle everything. Be blessed.


  42. JRJRbaby

    Yeah, his music ain’t the greatest, but the dude is a simpleminded multimedia and marketing genius. Knows how to make money and music that stick in peoples heads. He’s got the upper hand on the haters no matter what.


  43. jann

    Soulja boy wins no matter what happens beacuse he is rich he posted on his twitter he is getting ready to shot his first film. and i heard he is making his own video game

    no matter what yall hater cant stop a movment


  44. rip MJ

    first of all you shouldnt have started this crank dat soulja boy shit


  45. MACH

    o.k. and these “crackers” are the ones buying his music because the folks commenting here more than likely burned that mess..

    These arguments on his behalf are extremely weak. It either shows the commenter’s age, or that they are willing to accept ignorance.

    His success was well earned, no lies. But it’s his prerogative whether he wants to stay in the industry or not. Those “crackers” might DROP his ass from the label and PUNCH to the next fad.


  46. evanwilliams232

    Just more racist double standards from a pitiful subculture inside the black community that will never have their shit together. If a white person used language like this towards blacks he would be crucified. See Imus, Michael Richards, etc. I am in no way defending those two, they deserve what they got and shouldn’t use such language. But this asshole gets away with it? Nice. Taking giant steps towards racial equality with such double standards. Keep it up. I would like to see black people who actually have their shit together take a stand against this nonsense.


  47. lil'Rick

    i respect ur hussle but damn u fucked up hip hop point blank…i swear im tired of this fucking cramk and that stupid song stanky leg ….Pac and biggie we miss yall… soulja i would help u pack anyday if u wanted to leave..


  48. lil'Rick

    i respect ur hussle but damn.u fucked hip hop uits not even funny…. nigga u quiting be the day i celebrate … im so tired of this bullshit stankey leg and all these dance songs… i will come help u pack… u aint no soulja u a dead soulja for killing.hip hop.. Pac biggie it aint the same….


  49. kyle auger

    only 18?
    who gives a f**k there are plenty of 18 year olds who can make better music than you even a 10 year old could

    Yooooooooooooooooooou Suck!


  50. Rida

    who cares


  51. LOL

    haha damn he went up and then down. euuu.
    he does suck sorry i wud go get high too


  52. So QUIT already

    That worthless rant he went on was absolutely ridiculous. He embarrasses me and my peers to no end. How are you gonna use racial slurs, references to smoking weed, and blatant disrespect to those who gave you a successful career in music?? WTF??? Just seeing him irresponsibly vent his frustrations on an extremely popular internet site makes me hope he quits for good. Forget everything else, he is a bad representation of himself and for that I do not respect him. He could’ve said it a lot differently.


  53. youngmoneydre

    Yo guys what the deal already???? I love souljaboy,tho his music anit all that but its nice tunez to groove and get high on…..aint nithing deep like that retard weezy but his shit is ok man…Dont hate..the dude is only18 and a lot of 18year olds aint got shit man…..damn


  54. rA dA rA dA

    HEllo!? Soulja boy is setting a bad example I mean ya’ll saying it too, “he’s young!” & cuz he’s young he’s setting a bad example to all the young (few) fans who follow him, ur ignorant idiots if ya using the “but he’s young” excuse, he’s 18 & should as an adult learn 2 responsibility, ya’ll foolish saying that (not literally U but like in that sense yeah)


  55. weZZy gurl

    #5 ugh u iz funi as hell do u got uh myspace


  56. *Bumble Bee*

    soulja boy i see u got people always hating on u but know dis i’ve been following u since day one and i think u need to jus forget about them haters and keep doing yo thang cuz people gon always talk and say stuff bout u but dat dont mean u should give up so keep doing yo thang yo biggest fan *bumble bee*


  57. suavevah castro



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  59. Yung Harlem/Barclay ent

    Souljaboy im rocking wit cha pimp keep doing u let them talk get money make them mad shorty come holla at me lets get money if niggas hate I just make more man just holla at some real nigga u fucking wit gucci mane come fuck wit me and we can count this money u gotta put niggas on when they see that then that can’t do nothing but respect it or get rode on…….


  60. shaneka

    I feel u soulja boy but alot of famus people go thru the same but they keep doing dey thing cause they know dem people just hating and since they hating they make dem do what dey doing now!!!!!But im just sying please dont leave da rap game cause i luv u 2 dealth and i dont want u to quit on all yo fans!!!!if lil wayne and plies and more can get thru the hating u can but hit me up


  61. mesh



  62. Jem

    HAHA. I really hope he does quit hip hop. Take BowWow with you please.


  63. Trill Will

    i really don’t like his music. but after readin all this i can have some respect for him seein all the shit he been puttin out is not what he wanted to put out. his first impression with crank dat wasnt a good one (dancer, not rapper). its hard to change what made u famous so itll be hard for him 2 change his topics and still be successful and not have everybody turn they back on him. he should have been keepin it real from the get go. he know why all the people hatin on him… oh and his rhymes suck 2 (seriously)

    R.I.P. Pimp C


  64. showtimeprime

    fucc soldrie boy he brain washed mie litle brother now my bra’s peers thinks he’s a lame now so sad .. ..


  65. nte

    wow after reading this, i feel sorry for criticising him. he only 18???didnt know that. wow the downside of fame.
    PS: turn those tweets into a song nice lyrics and go to africa do work for a year and come back fresh. all the best


  66. California man offered Soulja boy 25k to retire rapping : Get Wit It Magazine

    [...] by, the rapper sounds like he comtemplating leaving the game for good. At least, he felt that way at [...]

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