Video: Rye Rye f/ M.I.A. – ‘Bang’

Rye Rye and M.I.A.

M.I.A. directs the video for her protégé Rye Rye’s debut single “Bang,” which was filmed in the 18-year-old rapper’s hometown of Baltimore. Look for her debut album Go! Pop! Bang! at the top of 2010.

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  1. Nick

    Song is hot, and the video is kinda cheap, but its alright.

    But mannnn, she is sooo ugly. :-X


  2. exk

    She is not ugly. Love the vibe and look of the video.


  3. Mz.Ina

    She is NOT UGLY, and she go hard


  4. Burmy

    TOP OF 2010???!!!

    That label needs to stop playing games and aim for a fall ’09 release date (AT THE VERY LATEST!)

    Is the distributor Jive or something?


  5. nikehead

    Damn this video is very dissapointing what did they film this with a cellphone videocamera lol. i know its her first video but damn what was with the weird effects it did not do justice for the song.


  6. goMIA

    the song is hot. people like MIA get pushed to the side cuz she speaks the truth. ive been following her and rye rye for a while. they are the business!


  7. Boy Falana

    what are ya’ll on??? the video is raw!! , its supposed to be like that, b4 MIA popped the joint that made you all know her, her videos were raw just as this…fuck all that big spend shit…this is hip-hop…now die


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