New Music: Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor – ‘I’m Illy’

Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor

Chris Breezy and his homegirl Teyana Taylor have been spending a lot of time together lately. They even got matching red lightning bolts on the back of their heads. The two put their friendship on wax by freestyling over T.I.’s “I’m Illy.”

“It’s young ni**as here now, yeah we ’bout to shut ’em down/ My little sister Teyana Taylor and yeah, I’m Chris Brown,” he raps.

Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor – “I’m Illy (Freestyle)”

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  1. jorge

    hahahaha wack why he rapping!!!!


  2. Me

    For him to not be a rapper he did really good, he said at the end it was for fun so you can chill out.


  3. kyra



  4. Giselle

    Beyond wack.


  5. goons

    ha ha, that is silly.. guess they were just having fun!!!!


  6. UKb

    does teyana insult rihanna when she raps something about wearing clothes?

    and whuts chris on? he sounds feminine than most other rappers, aint nothin ILLY about this


  7. Jay



  8. GiGi

    Yea it was cute…
    “How you gunna chew gum up in this.. ”
    Really cute! But he did asy he was just playing!


  9. Pimp

    T.I. should slap him for this


  10. King

    chill out people he said it was just for fun


  11. Baby doll

    im sure T.I. wouldnt mind arnt him and T.I. freinds
    and when is the movie T.I. and chris made coming out ?


  12. Chris Brown x Teyana Taylor-”I’m Illy”

    [...] *pause* This whole Chris Brown saga is really making me laugh.  Seeing who stands behind him (Obvi Diddy, Teyana, etc) & who is trying to make his life hell (namely Jigga, & now Beyonce), makes for little music industry soap opera lol.  “The Young &  The Resentful” or maybe “General Inhospitable” wait I’m not done this is too much fun lets try “As The World Burns” *dead* anyways here’s the track lol. Via Rap-Up [...]

  13. WTF

    Way wack
    Dont do it for fun if its not good
    He coulda kept that trash verse


  14. Stop!

    not one hot line in this song
    Stop rapping
    Try to make a hot pop song cuz that shine on me aint it….
    He can barely sing thats probably why he rapping


  15. Music

    He tryna come back with a rap mixtape??


  16. Boy Falana

    get off brezzys nut sack and die….Teyanna merked it homie….you hoes burnin? lol it wasnt a knock out but they both can spit and you rabbits is all mad…go get ya shots…..BLAH!!!!


  17. Ha

    Cb cant spit thats why he didnt become a rapper when he got his deal
    Cuz it aint for him
    He just getting gassed up
    He copying Trey Songz
    Except Trey can flow CB cant
    Stick to whining on the track chipmunk


  18. patrice colton

    chris dont beat her up pleeassee why yall have them ugly lightning bolts on your necks you should be a shame i should slap you i had a BIG crush on you now you have a rhianna look-a-like you stupid so sorri but yea thats it. p.s.

    chris: Are you still f-ing your manager so sorri for going there. oh but you should still make your pretty music i still luv ya in a way
    teyana you need help for going out with a woman-beater for sure.


  19. ReallyDoe

    He tryna sound tuff when we all know the trailer park boi only fight chicks


  20. Me

    Tryna be like trey, chris was suppose to be a rapper first not a singer. Thats what he wanted to do.

    “paper stacked higher than giraffe ass”, come on now for a nonrapper that is good.

    “these rap chicks burning, heres a number to a clinic”.

    That shit was kinda nice, dont hate.


  21. EZ

    The song is a nice attempt but
    No and trey was suppose to be a rapper 1st too but could actually sing
    Trey was the 1st to do the whole rap mixtape thing
    And his shit is way better
    Again Cb is jocking
    Except Trey doesnt do ghost
    And those lines are simple
    what grade are you in???
    If you think those simple lines are hot
    Is your fav rapper soulja boy??


  22. crunkpoet

    yea teyana killed that….


  23. Me

    Yeah those lines would be simple if he was a rapper, but he is not.

    Oh and my favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco


  24. Dominicano

    Chris leave the rapping to teyana!


  25. DJ Triumph

    sound like they were havin fun.


  26. DJ Triumph

    sound really good.


  27. Booty Booty On The Ground

    Dang! If I wanna hang out with Vanilla Ice & Marky Mark this would be illest sh*t ever made, but nope! This is pure whackness @ its peak of peaks of peaks& Tenya Taylor likes the kinky, rough, dangerous se* that’s why she tryna hook up with someone she knows who can make it dangerous to satisfy her needs, lol. Chris Brown needa sit down cuz I’m done buyin records from him!!


  28. Catie

    Awful. Chris needs to sit down and i mean in general, i’m not interested in hearing any kind of music from him.


  29. listen

    too many haters. this record was not meant to be taken serious and even if so, chris and teyana sound doper that majority of these wack ass rappers out right now.


  30. Baby doll

    When is the movie T.I. and Chris Brown Made comin out ?


  31. rip MJ



  32. UserQQQQ

    TI ain’t slapping noone from behind bar kid.


  33. Beta Mac

    Major LPL @”Booty Booty On The Ground.” that be the only reason for teyana taylor to wanna be goin with him (well trying) &…& this song is so so so so HOT HOT A$$ TRASH, lol. Yeah it was for fun but he jus tryna get a reaction out of his few fans he has left, that why they are the only ones moved by it!!


  34. Beta Mac

    LOL, LPL=LOL (^)


  35. tell'em

    Rapping is not his forte. Fall back with the lysp rapping..


  36. weZZy gurl

    i like da beat but cb kinda suxd tho its sad kuz he waz doin gud til he beat rihannas azz but dats life yall.


  37. sexiikiim09

    not feelin it nice try chris but this lame!


  38. Jeff

    Yes, Chris was going to come out a rapper first before a singer. He wanted to do the rap thing when he first came out but told to do the singing. So no Trey isn’t the only plus their both from VA and close friends. Also Chris came out when he was 15/16 so I don’t how he is jocking. It’s known by his true fans it’s only people that don’t even buy CBs albums or see his concerts that are commenting or really didn’t even pay attention to him. So I really don’t see CB losing sleep over him doing a track for fun and people hating on it just to hate on it.

    Let the kid do him and have fun.


  39. Eva Rhet

    Damn Straight!!Chris Brown is the “ILLEST,” “DOPEST,” “JOCKIN” WOMAN BEATER, LOL!!!!


  40. OHMY

    He jocking by doing like trey
    trey mixtape shit hot and he been making mixtapes since he came out
    now CB tryna get that same buzz off some mixtape shit
    So he is jocking he wasnt thinking bout doing it before
    He never does anything 1st he waits to see some1 else do it to see how it turns out
    And regardless of all that this is wack


  41. wow

    folks “hating” because its lame
    Its the truth this was wack
    He coulda kept this shit to his self if it was for fun…


  42. iZIK

    the chicks verse was better than breezys….. the way TIP wrecked the original song was classic and everyone else just falls short


  43. Trey

    I don’t get what part of the ending of the track people didn’t get **confused** I guess certain people are slow then others. ~


  44. Sasha Fierce

    This is hot a55 sh*t!! Chris Brown needa stop suking d*ck & how do we know he suking, cuz all his songs suk& he practilly doing a blo job to teyana tranny man taylor while recording this song cuz it clearly SUKS!!!!


  45. Im ILLy2

    Most of you guys need to stop hating on Chris Breezy. I mean the guy can rap. He wated to rap before he wanted to sing. Teyana killed it and Chris Brown killed it, the song was ILLY. “red lighting in my hair, im looking on the bright side.” “alexander mcqueen jeans, im on that mean sh**” Chris is hot in rapping now, accept it.


  46. ThaBaddest

    People u need to STOP hating on Chris baby is fire, he did a good job on this and Teyana murked it also, cum hater they both getting paper so….and he aint tryna copy Trey cum on they both wanted to be rapper but they both are singer stop hating


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