Rap-Up TV: Lil’ Mama Likens Michael Jackson to Jesus

Lil' Mama

The day after Michael Jackson died, Lil’ Mama shared her sadness with Rap-Up TV on the red carpet at Rap-Up‘s 4th Anniversary & Summer Issue Release Party in West Hollywood.

She likened MJ’s passing to the death of Jesus Christ. “Jesus Christ touched so many people. The story that they gave of this man. … He healed people. Michael Jackson did the same thing, not only with his music, but with his performance and his personality.”

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  1. lOl

    like JESUS? where do people get that from? how can you compare a mortal creature to its immortal creator?


  2. BP86

    now she’s just spouting off the crazy. haha love MJ but Jesus is Jesus! haha


  3. UNE (305)

    AMEN! @ BP86


  4. Facebook User

    This girl does not know what she talking about.


  5. Mimi

    Its like the Beatles all over again where Lennon compared the group to Jesus. Of course we can probably expect a response of misinterpretation soon…


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  8. AAWesome

    I said the same thing after I watching MJ’s memorial. The affect MJ had/has on the world, is in a sense, VERY similar to that of Jesus. MJ had and continues to have E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E-S’ attention! Everything MJ did, he did out of pure love:his music, his art/career, his caring about every human being, especially, the children (from the terminally ill to the healthy), who are the next generation, his philanthrophic nature. MJ gave and gave and gave and gave! Most of USA, it seems, prior to his death, didn’t understand this man. They thought he was strange, a freak, etc.. Yes, certain things did seem strange (prior to watching all of the coverage and hearing all of the testimonies from people who REALLY knew MJ), because we “thought” it wasn’t the norm. Jesus wasn’t the norm! MJ wasn’t the norm either. After watching 90% percent of all things MJ, I saw this one piece on him, the interrogation tape on MJ, during his first round of child molestation accusations. You can clearly see that this man was misunderstood. He also said something that confirmed what Lil Mama and I are saying. MJ stated that he was raised Jehovah’s Witness and he was taught to be like Jesus Christ. PEOPLE! That’s the purpose of LIFE. To follow the example that Jesus left. MJ did that, more than any other public figure I know of. Just as Al Sharpton stated, they accused MJ of all of these allegations, called him strange, etc., because they didn’t “understand” him. Now, EVERYONE seems to LOVE MJ again, since his death. Just like Jesus’ last days on earth, they didn’t understand him. They spat on him, kicked him, didn’t believe he was the son of GOD, etc., until he died and rose again on that wonderful third day. Sorry for the long comment, but, PEOPLE, PLEASE! See with your HEART and not with your EYES!!! ONE LOVE!


  9. wtf lil kids dumb b****

    what an idiot….jesus



    Yall don’t get it. She didn’t say he was JESUS, she said he was LIKE him, and that’s true. A real Christian must be Christ-like. Michael Jackson was Christ-like. He loved, helped and healed the kids, and forgave negative people. Michael influenced hundreds of millions around the world, of all generations, races, nationalities and creeds. He didn’t do anything to anyone yet he was crucified (figuratively) and lied about by the media. His name was slandered, in spite of all that he’s done. That’s similar to Jesus’ situation. When you take the TRUE Christ-like path, you often face those similar consequences. People will try to shut you down.

    @ “AAwesome” excellent post. Those who aren’t the norm are always ridiculed for whatever reason. But real revolutionaries are NEVER the norm.


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  12. Pop pop

    I guess she means that MJ has qualities, abilities and heart skills coming from God, wich is really true and easy to see (like compassion for the others), like Jesus has.
    But we know Jesus Christ has no sin, he was the perfection. His behaviour is the most beautiful example of a man on earth to follow.
    Michael Jackson has some of those qualities but he was just a man, Jesus have them all, Jesus was not just a man : he was and he is the savior, our savior. Michael Jackson was a man, a siner like all of us. But he was blessed by God with a special gift : spiritual mind, humanitarian vision, compassion, caring for the others and an amazing talent.


  13. Honneyy

    yes people his got a Godly like character thats all she tryna say,,She never said he IS Jesus …yaahh yaaah yaahh R.I.P Mickrey..next post!!


  14. Yana

    Michael IS second coming of Jesus!!! No doubts!!! I know it! I feel
    it! I never was His fan, but I liked his music. After He died I begun
    to learn about Him and now I am shure: He IS Jesus!!! Read Bible and
    compere. Look at His life. Look at His signs and simbols in His video
    and concerts. He constantly did them with His hands. His songs are
    full of messages and predictions. And many others
    proovs I can share.

    Now His mission was to fight antichrist. Who are antichrist? -
    Illuminati, NWO. So, he fight with them. Yes, they killed Him, but
    Hiss Mission is executed. It is a delayed-action bomb.
    It will blow up and they will cannot continue to control all the
    world. Also He protected children. He knew that it is indigo children. New race of people. He knew that rescue in them.

    Btw, He knew WHO is He!!! I am shure.

    Wake up, people!!! Open your hearts!!!


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