Sneak Peek: Beyoncé – ‘Sweet Dreams’

Sweet Dreams

Beyoncé is a desert oasis in this 30-second clip from her “Sweet Dreams” video directed by Adria Petty (Duffy, The Veronicas). The full video premieres tomorrow.

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  1. JaVonScott

    When is gonna lay that weave down?


  2. mal



  3. JaVonScott

    when is HE finna lay that weave down? Im so tired os Sashatran


  4. mal

    JaVonScott well atleast shes somebody to be tired of, nobody knows your keyboard bitching ass hahaha


  5. Deontae

    Can I wake up now…


  6. anonymous

    @mal, lmao


  7. bobby

    whats with her whack ass weave


  8. Jay

    YES YES YES!!! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for!!! :) Can’t wait for the premiere!!! yea!


  9. Jay

    …this is my favorite song off I Am…Sasha! This gon be amazing!!!


  10. An0thrDream

    Cant wait : )

    Beyonce and Ciara are my GRIRLZ


  11. drtash

    I’m sorry but isn’t this “3 girls dancing” concept getting a bit old now? I love beyonce and all but come on…give me something new already. I hope that’s not the entire video and she switches it up with something new cause so far I’m not feeling the video, although this is one of my favourite songs on IASF.


  12. LaMont

    I’m glad it’s in color! :lol:


  13. babybenz

    I def can’t wait for this! Damn! She keeps bringing it, heard its gon be a very graphical kinda video.. This is just a sneak peak, so fall back till you see the whole video.

    And talking trash bout the 2 back up dancers- its called a THEME! That’s being the theme of the sasha fierce! Ya’ll need to relax!

    Go Bey!


  14. joey

    i’ve been bumpin this song sense it leaked last summer. and im so happy its gettin released as a single. its deff gunna be a huge hit


  15. Sasha Fierce

    This has been my favorite track off of her whole album but yeah its a theme & I get it & its a great idea but all that ever changes is the outfit & the dancers & background. She will be a true icon though but I’m loving me some Ciara lately. I was never a fan of her & always a Beyonce stan but I think as of now Ciara is my favorite artist but Beyonce is still my girl just not my #1 girl, but I kno it’ll be good regardless.


  16. B

    Dang, it was cool wit single ladies, and ok wit diva, sad wit ego, and now its just try a new style.

    Plus, wasn’t Ciara’s video for “Work” in the desert, B is a copycat.

    And dont come on ciara because of dis.
    Super c vs Sasha Fierce – Fantasy Ride was supposed to come out way before I Am…Drag Queen.
    Plus super c is acomic book caracter, not alter ego


  17. Anonymous

    YAY, colour!

    @B, Bey has already taken a trip to the desert in video clips (“Cater 2 U”). And I wish that people would stop with the Beyonce/Ciara comparisons.


  18. An0thrDream



    stop doin the she did it first, no she did it first


    as long as they look tight doin it!

    Beyonce and Ciara are incredible!

    Stop trashin them*


  19. Jay Jay

    i love bey, but her videos have been whack n low budget lately, cici’s videos been a lot more entertaining….come on bey, ur videos use to be the shiit now ther wack


  20. Jay Jay

    i love bey, but her videos have been whack n low budget lately, cici’s videos been a lot more entertaining….come on bey, ur videos use to be the shiit now ther wack


  21. Beta Mac

    You I agree with “Sasha Fierce” (^^^^). This is an incredible track & MY favorite track off her CD, but the videos were spectatular @ 1st, but now it seems as if its all played out. Don’t get me wrong I’m a BIG Beyonce fan but she’s starting to be a real “Diva” & I truly appreciate Ciara now more than ever because she unlike any artist I’ve seen recently has gotten her fans involved with her CD & Beyonce is just all her self. Sure you can start saying “well bey don’t need help” but Ciara caters to her fans while staying true to herself. I think beyonce is truly genuwine but Ciara is just a little more genuwine & I like that. God Bless us all for giving us 2 of the best entertainers today (Beyonce & Ciara)!


  22. Beta Mac

    LOL! Accidentlty submitted it twice & put “You I agree” instead of “Yeah I agree” but yeah, that’s just a little clarification.


  23. Part

    R yaw drunk or something… Ciara can’t even be put in the same catagory as Beyonce… B has stronger better vocals. More creative and talent is more entertaining. Yaw can say what ever u want ciara vocal r weak face it. Don’t get me wrong her dancing is great but her singing yuck she don’t have da whole package so stop being mean to someone your clearly jealous of n trying 2 push her out the spotlight with ur ugly comments.. Sorry face the GREAT music she here 2 stay unlike that flopping cd can’t sell more than chrisette michele hoe ciara weak voice slut n she trys 2 hard 2 b sexii that she looks hoe-ish sorry C ur technique isn’t work.. N every 1 in music industury have similar videos n style.. Remener ciara copped sum B ideas 2.. B sold lots with IASF n C could out sell chrisette.. Super hoe C!! To da hoe-hopping rescue!!.. Haha


  24. Part

    Typos.. Typing off iPod touch here is correction in order as seen above:
    *isn’t working
    *couldn’t sell


  25. W/E

    @ Part, yeah and your point is. If Ciara so cheap, tell me why is it that Beyonce be jackin her style? Don’t hate and duh we know she’s not the best singer but her personality is a lot better than that “robot” Beyonce. Ciara works with what she has unlike beyonce, she be working what everybody else has. So what if beyonce has millions sold, we all know she’ll be old just like her cheap whack a** videos, some are good like this one but its only due to the fact its Ciara influenced. Beyonce sucks & is given TOO MUCH CREDIT for videos she know aren’t her style.


  26. Part

    Wat u mean soo n ciara is not unique her songs r boring n lame bcuz her voice can’t back it up I’m done becuz I can’t stand 2 see yaw lying n making a fool outta yaw selves face da truth..B is da best at least comparing sorry she gets upper hand sorry C sell more n get singing lessons n eat more hoe


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