Video: Brandy Is a Singer-Turned-Rapper

We all know Brandy can sing, but she may also have a future in rap. After all, the game could use some more femcees. B-Rocka spits some bars over her song “It’s My Party.” She reminds us of Rah Digga here.

“I just do this for a hobby, baby, but I might be good at it,” she says.

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  1. MACH

    loved it! those harmonies in the chorus are her signature and she sounds great as a rapper. Check out her iTunes Bonus track from the “Human” album called “Gonna find my love”.. Amazing song and she raps on there as well!



    Ok Brandy,
    You actually might have a career in rap. You should explore it in your new album. Kinda meddle with it a bit…lol.


  3. dee

    yeah do a lil keyshia cole/mary j, rap in your songs, that would be hot, but all i know is if dont get this song in HQ imm shewt muhself lol


  4. babybenz

    Ohh BRocKA! I just loves hER!


  5. joey

    this was good, missy, i mean brandy really gotta great flo. really would like a full rap track from brandy. missy and kim better get there shit up


  6. Jr2000tec

    Get it Brandy!!! OK OK I SEE YOUUU!! For real tho she is super freakin talented and now she should add rap to her resume. She sound a whole lot better than half of these weak female mc’s.


  7. keyjhad

    GO BRANDY lol its not bad at all, bravo u should do featuring queen bee ah ah, luv u miss


  8. DJ Triumph

    she sound really good. she rap and sing what next


  9. Jay

    yeah MACH you right Brandy did kill that verse on “Gonna Find My Love” I was surprised fo real!

    I ain’t know she could spit like this though! She might actually be able to do an album.

    B-Rocka can really flo…I believe her! She should definitely do it more…I love when she did it on Gonna Find My Love!

    and she do kinda remind me of Rah Digga and maybe Lil Mama too. Get it!!!


  10. MACH

    @ DJ — yeah, she already has a successful acting career remember? lol.. and modeled, etc.


  11. Catie

    Wow, she’s actually really good. Her flow reminded me of Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes a little bit.


  12. Rapheyb

    Love Her


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