LeToya Luckett: ‘MJ Is the Reason Why I’m Singing’

LeToya Luckett says when Michael Jackson died, it was like she lost a family member. “He’s the reason why I decided to become an entertainer,” she tells Rap-Up TV. Plus, find out how she reacted when she saw “Thriller.”

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  1. keke♥'su

    Awwww Toya. I think Michael was the reason a lot of ppl are doing what they do now. He just made such an impact on ppls lives entertainer or not.


  2. bass_man



  3. Giselle

    Her statement is so genuine. You can tell she was inspired by his music.


  4. dan

    oh come on….now tell us we would have no singers, if michael wasn’t there…bullshit

    yes, he was great, he was the best entertainer, but i dont believe that everyone started singing because of him…

    just the bandwagon


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