Teairra Mari Witnesses MJ Tragedy

Teairra Mari was right around the corner, literally, when Michael Jackson passed away. And the day before she had done a photo shoot wearing the “Thriller” jacket seen in this video. Talk about a freaky turn of events.

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  1. TalkYoShit

    cursed him ? lol jk


  2. javonscott

    Could yall STOP talking to her?, she has NO new material and is just a waist of time! And hell yes she cursed him; At That Point is never coming out! Sorry teairra but it’s not. Christina Milian’s album is probably gonna come out before that


  3. hiphop

    she still sexy i am a fan of hers…


  4. nikehead

    yo why isnt cause a scene on itunes its been like 2 months now and its still not on there. Her label is slackin!


  5. bass_man



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