New Music: Richgirl f/ Chris Brown – ‘Smile & Wave’


Richgirl plays coy on “Smile & Wave,” their snappy collaboration with Chris Breezy from their forthcoming debut album. Both artists share the same manager and label.

Lyndriette, Audra, Seven, and Brave are currently on tour with Beyoncé. Audra can be seen in Mario’s new video for “Break Up.”

RichGirl f/ Chris Brown – “Smile & Wave”

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  1. Me

    Its a cute song


  2. Kyle

    This is nice. I’m pumped to hear a lot more from Richgirl. Their first 2 singles are really good.


  3. Catie

    I like the song but i could have done without Chris Brown. He actually ruins the song.


  4. ugh

    they should have had mario sing chris browns parts since two of those girls were in his video. CB’s voice just bugs me now.


  5. Jay

    This is a hot track…I like it! RichGirl are my new favorite girl group…they just straight fire, for real!!! :) All the music I’ve heard from them is amazing so far! I love their whole style, sound, look and they can just flat out sang!

    and after seeing these girls perform some of their songs, they are most definitely the best girl group out!

    I just pray that their label promotes them like they should cause they are the truth!

    Love RichGirl…that album is gonna be dope!!!


  6. Jay

    …oh and I know I said they the best girl group out. I should’ve said they the best girl group in years!!!

    Can’t wait for that album! Get it girls!!!


  7. Burmy

    All that album needs now is a RELEASE DATE!

    Then again, given how Jive is with brand-new talent, that’s likely not a priority to them. See Papoose, Lee Carr, Asia Cruise, Dolla (RIP), HotStylz, GS Boyz, Trai’D, Deepside (now Git Fresh)-good thing Jazmine Sullivan got scooped up by J and is doing well!


  8. Me

    Well hopely they will do good, cause chris brown came out he like dominated the charts with run it. And they have the same manager so maybe tina can work something out for them.


  9. Jay

    I’m prayin they get the promo they need to get to the 1st album and more and more to come. I feel like all their songs are great, they just need that ONE song that blows up and then the world can see how amazing they are.

    In my book Destiny’s Child is still the #1 girl group, but RichGirl could definitely be the next!


  10. DJ Triumph

    yea i like the richgirl and this a nice song.


  11. goons

    nice song ladies with chris in it..has a good vibe…loves it!!


  12. Dante

    i agree wit Jay. they just need that one song to blow up and then, RICHGIRL DOMINATION BEGINS. this could be the song too. i see this crossing over onto pop radio and being a hit.


  13. imdangerous

    love this girl group so much.. my fav is Lyndriette shes sound like beyonce


  14. Bizz

    Why people still trying to dog Chris Brown. He’s a damn child! Let him learn from his mistakes and continue participating in hot music…like this damn track.


  15. TruBld


    Since when is a 20 year old, a child???

    He deserves all the “dog”-ing he can get.


  16. Pizz

    Dude is a woman beater “singing” on song bout how he gonna treat a girl good….
    N***a plz


  17. linda

    luv this song welcome baq CHRIS BREEZZYY…nd forget ya’ll HAterz!!


  18. ~~Quinn~~

    howt song richgirl


  19. Amyrah Davis



  20. Amyrah Davis



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