Video: Unseen Footage from MJ’s Pepsi Commercial

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was reportedly addicted to painkillers after suffering second and third-degree burns on his scalp and body from pyrotechnics that went wrong on set of his famous Pepsi commercial on Jan. 27, 1984. has released a never-before-seen video of what occurred that day at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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  1. MB

    If this is real…holy shit! No wonder why the poor guy had problems…his head was badly burned.


  2. exk



  3. Jay

    Man, oh my God! That was really bad. Can’t believe how long his head was on fire…crazy!


  4. Jay

    :) Love that commercial! Never seen that before

    Michael is the greatest!


  5. Jaelani

    Omg, how horrible! He barely noticed until it wuz too late =(


  6. AAWesome

    This is GREAT MJ footage! DAMN, he got burnt severly. WOW!!!


  7. AAWesome

    severely that is.


  8. keyjhad

    oh my God,thats was real then, i heard about that longtime ago the reason why he had all those sergury,poor michael, luv u my king


  9. nikehead

    Damn that was crazy his hair was on fire for a minute. Damn u pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. sexiikiim09

    that shit was crazy R.I.P MJ!


  11. Pinoy

    Ain’t no Pepsi for me anymore…


  12. Honneyy

    WATU ON….so sad heard ths kick started hs addiction to pain kllers..!!!
    Sad..but why put owt the footage now thats damn silly mayn!!!??SMH…


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