Whitney Houston Kicks Off Comeback

Whitney Houston

A radiant Whitney Houston previewed her first studio album in seven years, I Look to You, for VIPs, media, and fans at a private listening event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London on Tuesday. Clive Davis was on hand to play songs from the set, due Sept. 1.

“You won’t forget it after you hear it,” the music mogul told ABC News. “There is a song on this album which is called ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ and it really speaks for Whitney. She tumbled but she didn’t crumble.”

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    Wow!!! What a classy lady! I’m glad she didn’t go Mariah’s route – Mariah’s new video is HORRENDOUS by the way. Whitney is one classy lady and that cover picture actually reminds me of her debut album in 1985.


  2. gee man

    This has nothing to do with Mariah. Keep her out of this,Whitney only looks classy as you say because Clive invested time and money to clean her up.


  3. carl

    OMG. She looks goooooood!


  4. Warren

    She looks beautiful and sexy. I am glad she was able to put the past behind her. I am a big fan and can’t wait to her new album comes out. She is a child of God who has touched her.


  5. goons

    oh please, whitney was always a classy lady from back in the day.. she fell off because of bobby but i am glad clive managed to get her back to the classy whitney we once knew.. welcome back mrs whitney and you are looking amazing..i like clive too…both are great in my book..!!!


  6. Michael

    Whitney’s only real rival for her new album will be Madonna (There will likely be some Queen of Pop catfights coming!). Mariah’s release screams FLOP to me. Her Iconography compilation comes out 3 weeks after I Look To You, and since a previous compilation by Madonna (The Immaculate Collection) was her biggest selling album to date, there’s definately potential by her fanbase. Madonna still has that HUGE generation X crowd of hers and has been a chart/sales rival of Whitney since 1985. Whitney really is cross-generational: Baby Boomers will like Whitney’s ballads, the teenagers/early 20s people will like the Swizz Beats/will.i.am/Akon tracks, with the main 25-45 crowd liking most stuff. Whitney is the female version of Michael Jackson.

    Compared to all of the hip-hop/rap stuff out there, Whitney looks like the Hope Diamond/Pyramid of Giza.


  7. MaZ

    I love the picture behind her! Hope it will be the album cover! She’s stunning!


  8. rod grey

    i can’t wait to c the rivalry between toni baxton and whitney houston
    love both of them but i know toni will be victorious

    u go toni


  9. dan

    i already forgot the melody of the song


  10. MACH

    why are y’all putting these people against whitney like a dogfight? Everybody has their own lane. I love mariah and whitney for being THEM. I can’t help but admire how whitney has always been poised.


  11. ron.e

    Ditto to Gee Man! The post had nothing to do with Maria so why keep knockin’ something/someone who is doing big things?

    I’m glad to see Whitney doing/looking well. I’m not particulary fond and don’t see the hype of the song Clive is raving about (already leaked and posted by Rap-up previously). That said, I do look forward to what else the album has in store.


  12. ron.e

    LOL @ Michael: “Whitney is the female version of Michael Jackson.”

    Boyyy, you need to get off that crack quick!!!


  13. Trey

    she looks really nice and n good health good to see her do a turn around and to show people she can change


  14. Jay

    Whitney looks beautiful!

    Getting that album for sure!


  15. Good And Plenty

    WHITNEY !!!!!!!!!!


  16. joseph

    Ela está linda e tá com tudo!!!!


  17. tina

    I just read online that that picture in the back is he CD cover and I think that she looks fantastic. I can’t wait to get her album when it drops. Do your thang Ms. Houston!


  18. Raymond

    WOWWWWWWWWW………What a difference and welcome back MISSSS HOUSTON. I can’t wait to cop dat album Sept 1st. Please release either Callin You Tonight or Mill Dollar Bill as your first single. The reivews of those songs are great!!!!!!!!


  19. lmh

    she looks great and iam glad to see she is on the way back havent heard the song that was leaked because iam waiting on the cd like i have always. you go girl i will always be on your side god gave you a gift and use it well a devoted fan day one you are truely the voice.


  20. bela

    Whitney’s comeback is just a testiment to parents who’ve had our backs, and tried to guide/avise us, saw trouble coming, but we didn’t/wouldn’t listen, yet wished we had of. Shout out to all those individuals who truly supported Whitney. Prayer to all of us who hate on others and ourselves. Don’t give up on God, or yourself, and keep it positive, for whatever we go through will pass. Holla!


  21. René

    I’ve waited so long for this moment! I’m thrilled to see her looking healthy and stunning again! Can’t wait for the new album; reviews were GREAT!!!


  22. tata

    wow, wow,wow,wow whitney u r just great! i’m waiting for this albom i wanna buy it i can’t wait 1september. i will always love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Crave

    Sorry bt mariah always out sell whitney in the past . So why cnt she do it nw


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