Artwork Delays Kid Cudi Album

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi will have to wait a little longer to take his first step on the Moon.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day has been pushed back three weeks from August 25 to September 15, Universal Motown has confirmed to The delay means the project will miss the August 31 cutoff for the 2010 Grammy Awards and will now compete with Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, which is scheduled for a September 11 release.

Cudi expressed his frustration on Twitter Thursday night. “Pissed. I dont make this years grammy deadline now, jan 2011 no one will care enough for me to win one n jays album drops days before mine. Great.”

The Ohio native blamed the album packaging for the delay. “The artwork wasnt done in time for digital, due date is 2moro and nothings even close to bein done as far as the illustrations.”

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  1. lil o

    poor kid i was hoping he won a grammy know he is going to have to compete with the big dogs 50 cent and Jay Z


  2. Burmy

    The Grammys should EXTEND THE CUTOFF DATE to December 17 AT LEAST so the best albums of the year can be nominated!

    If that means pushing the awards back to March, then SO BE IT! I take quality over quantity anyway.


  3. sexiikiim09

    Damn Cudi thats sucks!


  4. Giselle

    Sad, considering how much work he put into this project, and him wanting a Grammy nomination…sucks.


  5. Wormadam

    poor guy I feel sorry 4 him bt screw the grammys!
    no prob taking on 50 its jayz he should b worried about
    bt im sure hell do fine
    we all no he’ll win em in 2011 anyway!!!!


  6. Monster

    damm that sucks know he has to worry about 50 cent jay z shouldnt be a problem but 50 cent is a monster.


  7. crunkpoet

    maan thats fucked up


  8. Pimp 3

    damm thats sucks we all know 50 is a monster when he drops a alvum I mean Jay Z shouldnt be a problem but 50 damm pood kid kuddi i wu;d forget about the artwork and go with a regular album cover beacuse 50 will not make him sell anything. Jay z shouldnt be a problem im sure he can outsell jay he sucks know


  9. MACH

    Day N Night alone is making me want to purchase the album.. haven’t really heard any of his other stuff.. I’m actually kinda scared I won’t like his other songs so I just stick with day n night lol


  10. B

    Dts bad, i thinkl it should a been released earlier when day n nite was in da top ten on billboard.


  11. runner up

    COSIGN: Pimp 3

    50 cent will eat this fool up. just forget about the artwork and go with a regular album cover
    Jay z shouldnt be a problem


  12. eres

    50 doesnt drop till the 29th so hes not a problem and mainstream isnt checkin for him!


  13. Truth


    wat u talkin about kid kudi is mainstream rapper
    50 will eat him up


  14. UserQQQQ

    dude suck it up and pic some quick artwork. it can be a story like the time ODB slapped down his welfare card and they turned it into the album cover Return to the 36 Chambers


  15. Honneyy

    5o ccent is too Gheto/hood for a grammy maybe a bet..imao!!!
    Maybee Jigga myt take ths 1!!
    Still love you baybay..
    But hey we got your back hay whtever happens westill here..
    Team Cudi all the way bishez!!!


  16. Honneyy

    LOL..fiddy the monster on a real tho..but wa tha hell..Fiddy should disappear..wats left of him anyway..
    Na na na eh eh GOODBYE!!


  17. really...

    Did he really think he was gonna win a grammy? Dude is not that good at all. He has one hit track thanks to other artists (A-trak & Crookers) Without the club remix by Crookers 1/2 of the country wouldn’t even know who this guy is.


  18. Louis Parsons

    fuck that, 50 cent has never won a grammy what makes you think he’s gunna win one now? he’s no where near his best. jay-z is the only one stopping cudi getting a grammy at this moment in time, unless kanye brings out an album obviously.


  19. Settlement

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