Behind the Cover: Ciara’s Rap-Up Shoot

It’s a party and you’re invited. Go behind the cover with Ciara (and her two dogs) on set of her photo shoot for Rap-Up‘s Summer 2009 Issue in New York City. CiCi works for the camera, blows out the candles, and smashes the piñata to celebrate the magazine’s fourth anniversary.

Make sure to get your copy, on sale now at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, Safeway, Duane Reade, Walgreens, Hudson News, and other retailers. You can also purchase the issue online.

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  1. Beta Mac

    Wow! Ciara is just an amazing person, no diva attitude what so ever. She truly deserves more credit that what people give her (she always always appears under-rated & never over-rated like Beyonce).


  2. itsmeniccas

    i so agree with u beta mac thats i shits with her and letoya so much these girls r talented and have non diva attitude which i like they just keep it real cool


  3. Deontae

    Love Ciara!!!!!


  4. carl



  5. Yay~

    Her dogs are so cute.

    She looks fab!


  6. J_Princess

    lol lol she is just so silliee!
    thats bad doggie abuse on camera!
    gotta love her
    Go CICI <3
    and mite i add she was “work”in that Camera
    work work C u betta work!


  7. Kyle

    this is by far one of Ciara’s best photoshoots. She looked classy and pretty simple, but so sexy at the same time.


  8. LC

    cici is just so down to earth.


  9. d

    where can i get a copy


  10. lanerra

    Got to love cici


  11. Pimp 3

    Ciara is Fuckin Hot better than Beyonce and Rihhana


  12. CB

    whoa she hot


  13. gavin

    video not working anymore?


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