Beyoncé Helps Out in Chi-Town


Beyoncé lent a helping hand at a press conference in Chicago on Friday for her Show Your Helping Hand hunger relief initiative with Hamburger Helper. The goal is to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks. She will perform tonight at the United Center.

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  1. snap!

    thats great


  2. Erin

    Beyonce is so beautiful and sweet. This is very good work that she’s doing.


  3. Jay

    That’s what I’m talkin bout! Real good look!

    Those people really need it


  4. KEL

    Hamburger Hekper is the worst thing you can eat. It is full of sodium and empty nutritents for the body. For Beyonce to be health conscious this was a poor choice to endorse for poor people. There is something else out there for her to endorse such as milk, cheese, eating whole grain foods over white simple sugars. She could educate in other ways.


  5. jessefbaby

    it gotta be a hatin asz chick sayin some negative shyt bout her. yu see she doin somethin gud no yu still gotta be negative.


  6. yanna

    just came bac from the concert it was good the only thing i didnt like is when she did my gurl ciara matrix move i was highly disappointed with that


  7. Beyonce Fan

    Ummm @Vanna

    Ur ciara matrix move is called the back bend. That people been doing since before she was born…Yes Ciara came u with that, thats so stupid. Please we was doing that in 4th grade in 1980


  8. rockon

    She’s only so called helping out because of her concerts. It doesn’t even look sincere. Nobody cares. After the tour she’s gonna be back to her selfish self again.


  9. pjay

    im jus gettin home from tha concert myself at it was bomb. @yanna go sumwhere cuz that flop c-error aint come up with sh*t.


  10. b'kor

    To Pjay, Yanna and Kel pls stop Hating.


  11. Bitchy bey

    she earns 100 million a year..why not donating her money??


  12. WHY?

    Why is that Beyonce fans criticize every female in the game but when it comes to criticing her ya’ll go ballistic?
    If someone would say “Bey’s hair was outta place,” ya’ll would say something ridiculous like… “There was a fire in Ganza & the wind turbined the smoke & heat its way through the wind to North America and that threw off her game & made her put her hair that way, quit hating b*tch!” LOL, ya’ll are ridiculous, not everyone is a fan of that publicity stunt, p*ssy poppin, swagga jacker, fake, unweavable lady. Get a life you morons & everyone knows the matrix is Ciara’s signature move while Beyonce’s is stealing every females idea.


  13. Chrissibee

    Love her! Haters shut ur mouth n eat dirt! she does donate her money! she dontaed her earnings from obsessed to charity, u idiot! amnd also she builds house for people! so find out ur fact u imbecile!


  14. B'kor

    To Bitchy bey don’t you know that earlier this year she donated her entire salary from the movie “Dreamgirls” to Phoenix House, an organization that provides treatment and recovery options to individuals facing addiction and she also give a total of 2,500 free tickets to families in the Detroit area who have been affected by the auto industry crisis. Now tell my if Keri Hilson can do that.


  15. hannah

    I can’t get over how pretty you are jay-z has the perfect wife he is sooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!


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