Super C Gets a Super Cut


It’s an epidemic. Ciara is the latest star to cut her hair short. She revealed the new bob on Twitter Friday evening. The cut was done by hair stylist Kiyah Wright, who has styled everyone from Mary J. Blige to Tyra Banks. Three more pics below.

What do you think of CiCi’s new look?

Ciara Ciara Ciara

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  1. ciarafan4life

    it fits her
    the second pic is a bad angle
    but im upset she cut all her real hair off
    it shoulda been a wig
    but we happy 4 u cici


  2. TheHypeFactor

    She’s always looking good, this is no exception!


  3. Its Me

    its cute, looks good on her


  4. Miles

    She looks cute, Reminds me of Rihanna in 08 and


  5. R.I.P. MJ

    i the hair cut looks good but the pics have bad lighting and angles but yeah…………. its cool


  6. Jaelani

    Oh wow, she looks more… mature! Hahaa =P Yeah the cut is more “Posh Spice” than Rihanna to me. It’s a huge change, but i’m happy for her and it’s not bad!


  7. AnTwaun

    Yasss! FIERCE. Ci better WORK. love, this is what I was waiting for, she can pull of these many different looks. I can’t wait to see her in action with it.


  8. Dz

    I miss her. .. Lol.


  9. LC

    oh wow. I actually like it tho. I guess flyyy hair-cuts are the new trend for 09.


  10. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    im keep it real…i actually prefer some of these rnb chicks with longer fits rihanna…but im not really feeling it on the ciaras and cassies..i actually think the music and image keri hilson puts out she should have long hair…im confused…please ashanti and beyonce KEEP YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!…LOL


  11. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    ITS ALL ABOUT “THE IMAGE” PEOPLE…kudos to them for trying new things…trust im not hatin


  12. hartbr8kid88

    its hair people it will grow back ci ci gettin out her comfort zone i like it hair suits her.i wanting for a bomb azz tour from her and the next album i cant get enough of ci ci


  13. Wayne

    Oh no. Why is everybody doing that ????
    She looked soooo hott before.


  14. Julia

    WHYYYYYY?????? She had such beautiful hair!!! I dоn’t like it


  15. An0thrDream

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s so fierce, and extremely fashionable/noticable!

    I REALLY REALLY hope she keeps it

    it’ll make her look like so much more of a dominant perfomer- she looks so sexy

    It’ll go perfect with the like a surgeon video


  16. B. Rillz

    ^^Umm…She still has beautiful hair, it’s just shorter. And it will grow back…GOSH!


  17. carl



  18. ugh









  21. dedee

    It looks niiice people just have 2 get used 2 it and good thing about hair is it grows back and 4 the wanda lames if go somewhere and choke


  22. snap!



  23. Wow

    i thought it was Keri Hilson. It’s not interesting, everyone is doing what Rihanna made popular. Sad!


  24. Wow

    And “snap!” is right, Kelis started it, Rihanna took it and made it popular, and the rest is history.


  25. bobby

    how is she being a follower just because she cut her hair short! wow get over yall selfs i guess im a follower too just like millions of black boys who cut their hair i cut mine. its fucking hair! people cut hair all the time get over it, rihanna was not the first to cut hair and will not be the last.


  26. bobby

    wow how is she being a follower just because she cut her hair. if thats the case i guess im a follower just like millions of black boys i cut my hair, and all the black girls that cut their hair are followers to trying to be riri, get over it riri was not the first to cut her hair short black girls been doing it for years.


  27. MACH

    I love it! I mean, she bust out that short wig in “Promise” video for a hot second and it kinda looked like this..

    But this is better. I didn’t know someone invented the short cut and/or patented it where no one else could get it? It’s hot outside, hell.. and this cut is hot too! lol

    You know, there were so many people in the 90s who tried similar hair styles and musical styles at one point.. but nobody cared! This is how we know the talent level has diminished when a hairstyle is the only thing you can “claim” that you contributed to the industry. SMDH


  28. TrueSoul

    I like it on her.. Maybe she just wanted a chance and went for it. Seems like she had the same hair styles for years. She would just change the color.

    I’m more concerned about her weight. Does anyone else think she lost to much weight?

    I mean if she didn’t come on the scene weighing a certain size i wouldn’t question it. But its too much just ignore. I hope she’s eating and not starving herself/ over exercising


  29. b'kor

    Rihanne was not the first celebs to cut her hair Kelly Rowland was the first to do so. This two girls Keri Hilson and Cira look like Rihanne wanna-be to me.


  30. DC3fanboy_NL

    hahahah, you know I have rap-up in my rss reader, when I saw the title in my rss reader, I was thinking OMG hope she didn’t cut her hair like Cassie and Rihanna. Men Ciara look like Monica in the first picture. CICI you look good


  31. king

    oh no right when i was starting to like her why cant they just keep their long hair they look like emos yes rihi cici casi keri looks ok but would look better with long hair .


  32. CB




    This looks better then that horrible weave she had in the never ever/ work videos

    I think its Sad how Ciara is not even popular on charts album was a major flop and her songs aint charting but yet she always most commented post on rap-up?

    Makes no sense instead her fans need to stop posting and go buy another cd or a song Lmao…..FAIL


  34. kira

    @ b’kor please shut the fuck up rihanna was not the first to cut her hair she swagger jacked kelis hairstyles so dont come on ciara’s post with yur bullshit kelis is the one who brought back the haircut trend and shave trend then rihanna copies eevry shit kelis did from the dye to the shave. monica rocked the haircut before rihanna even think of cuuting it off so be quiet no one here is trying to be like rihanna. rihanna wants to be like kelis wannabe stop ride rihanna’s clit bcuz her hairstyle is not original nor trendsetting she is fad. point blank. im not even a ciara fan but a kelis stan but im just stating the obvious and the truth


  35. G...

    I’m scared for her, but she don’t look bad. The haters are gonna attack like CRAZY! Good luck Ciara, they coming for you.


  36. La La Love

    Some of you people are dumb if you think she is a follower. Umm… Check her music video for PROMISE, you’ll clearly see that she had short hair before & the music video for GO GIRL, they both clearly display that Ciara has had short hair before, how can you say she’s a follower, she had her done before Rihanna & about the same time as Kelis, please Ciara aint copying anyone but leading the way for Beyonce, Rihanna & all the other lame a$$ girls to jack her style again!!


  37. billfromgreece

    oh noooooo

    she looks so skiny now. with longer hair she was hot. not she is like anorexian


  38. monte

    honestly ciara still looks good long hair or short. it really fits her and she should have it like that more often. and look at this: she didn’t shave half of it off like some people


  39. Deontae

    I love her new cut, it will definitely take some getting used to (haters just please fall back and move on) she hasn’t even had a chance to rock it yet, but yet you all can criticize her on her hair. It’s HER HAIR! HER HAIR! She decides what she wanted to do. She was asked to cut it short not forced! Dang, let her be human


  40. myalilbro

    i love it cici


  41. Your tips and tutorial

    [...] season 2009 supply on understanding today » Blog Archive » Super … [...]

  42. myalilbro

    no it was halle baby kelly came in the game wit a cut halle was out way before so halle was the first celeb to cut her hair a rihanna is a fefe dobson wanna be


  43. Corey

    BOW!!! HOT!

    Ciara went SHORT in the PROMISE Video LONG Before YOUR FAVE DID THANK YOU!!


  44. Naka

    *shakes my head*
    @ people getting pissy over HAIR lmao
    like wtf??


  45. tae

    damn y all her post shoot straight to the top of the most read charts damn she on people minds like that if she irrevalant and a flop then i wouldt pay her any attention shows how much yall care lol she looks hot cant wait to c her rock it out sumwhere.


  46. Corey

    Yeah people too mad of Ciara I looovveee it! I hope she keeps it so people can stay mad! *laughs*


  47. goons

    it is more posh spice.. now she needs her swag and cici will be the bish.. i need to style her!!!!


  48. crunkpoet

    love it…..


  49. chris86

    Can u say Keri Hilson no.2?

    I am not a fan of Ciara’s music but at least before the haircut she existed; now she’s just a copy of keri hilson trying to catch up with rihanna and be like beyonce.

    I bet the label forced her to do this.


  50. ...

    not a fan. instead of being a follower, she needs to start her own trends (especially since this trend of getting stupid haircuts doesn’t seem to be going away). she could have looked cute with short hair but something about the cut isn’t doing it for me; i prefer her with long hair (like in the “promise” video).


  51. sosiccwitswagga

    Omg who gives a damn who started the short hair trend got damn i like ci ci betta with long her hair but she still looks good with the short hair gosh its summer time errbody cutting there hair so the wtf what so plz stfu about this certain person is copying this certain person cuz it getting really old.


  52. Beta Mac



  53. What?

    That CLEARLY is a wig, and it’s ugly imo. It’s too puffy for her small face, I still got love for Ciara but that imo is not the bid’ness.


  54. Jay

    Wow Cici I did not expect that! I think it’s sexy!

    She definitely looks more grown

    Lookin good girl!!


  55. An0thrDream

    she looks amazing – some of ya’ll females cry yourself to sleep at night cuz you dont come close to lookin as pretty as she does.

    It’s amazing and VERY POSH

    keep comparing her to your favs. cuz all ur doin is admittin she’s just as great if not better

    she can outdance anyone, her sex appeal is way stronger so I cant wait till she shows everybody up

    and you followers fall in love with her all over again


  56. Coy

    CIARA IS LOOKING HAWT! Beyonce and Rihanna and those other bishes aint got nothing on her!!

    But im getting a monica/posh spice/ Ciara Promise video feel like it a lot everyone is bothered. lol sucks to be you haters!


  57. cece

    i think its funny that this trend has become so hott.rihanna did it because she wanted to stand out & be unique. well now its not unique because everyone is cutting their hair.i like cici’s hair long but she’s still gorgussss


  58. ChRiS



  59. Corey

    GOD Is GOOD! Because this is amazing PURE BEAUTY!!

    Covergirl where is Cici’s contract?!?!


  60. drtash

    It looks alright but somehow I’m not feeling this cut that much…why is every girl in the industry cutting their hair short, I mean DAMN it’s already been done by 4 other girls so she’s kinda late. I hope this fad dies quickly cause it’s kinda getting annoying. Maybe it’ll grow on me – the style I mean (no pun intended lol)…who knows. Who’s next for the hair chop?


  61. monte

    she got a whitney housten look to her a bit.
    this is just gonna take her further to the top


  62. jayjay12

    supa dupa sexii luv ya babe


  63. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    now she really looks like a tranny, lol


  64. Sandra Im A Man Rose

    Gosh I thought Ciara pics were meh but they are very gorgeous and have grown on me sorry Philanna, I couldn’t help it!


  65. Kayla

    YES this bish is exotic fierce and so natural!! POSE SUPER C! Own the game


  66. Jay Jay

    WOW she looks really good, she should of done this along time ago, but she looks 1000000000x better n edgeier


  67. Jay

    Damn girl lookin so sexy!!! I really love those new pictures above! Cici you look stunning!

    Love the new look!!!


  68. Jay

    …man I just gotta say again, Ciara looks so beautiful!!!


  69. that b*tch ROSE

    I must agree with about everyone. Ciara looks more mature & sexier than ever. Unlike Rihanna, Ciara rocks her do astoundingly amazing & with NO DIVA, B!t€H attitude at all. SUPER CI, YOU WORKIN IT LOVE! MWAUH!!


  70. Nelson

    I love it!


  71. gocicigo

    crazy how cici starts trends or does them early and then others copy her then when she does it again she gets call a copycat, but nobody gets called a copycat off her but her matrix. just to name a few – letard/bathingsuit 04-08, matrix 04-08, rocking short hairdos 06-07.just sad


  72. An0thrDream

    AHHH!!! these modeling pictures are STUNNING!!!

    unlike others, she doesnt look like a little girl having fun with her hair

    she looks like a stunning young diva who holds her own



  73. An0thrDream

    Ciara – get ready to sign those modeling contracts!

    Whoop whoop!


  74. Kevin

    Looks good, kinda looks like Keri Hilson meets Rihanna haircut


  75. Gary

    It makes Ciara look really good but less fiercesome.


  76. Idalis

    It looks great, kinda Keri Hilsonish


  77. goons

    i love it..its posh spice..get em cici and get the look hot..modelesque!!!!!! hot!!!


  78. Christina

    she is so beautiful i love her , now she is classier and beautifuller !!!


  79. fresh wuts good wit like a surgeon video…


  80. Yeah!

    She looks so beautiful! & yeah, I wanna know when that video is dropping, anyone know, tell me!


  81. UserQQQQ

    it should NEVER be a wig. I give her respect for having her own hair.

    short hair may not be what gets my mojo going but I got nothing against it. That fourth picture however is just bad. maybe cause it’s candid but it’s very unflattering.


  82. malfred

    and supposedly she doesnt look like up and coming keri hilson mhm


  83. sexiikiim09

    nice haircut girl it looks good!


  84. Dillon_68



  85. ciara is owning

    @malfreduhhh ciara has been out longer than keri hilson and has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more success please check ciara info. damn cause her album sells don’t look like the last two times now she is up and coming? damn black people are stupid.
    last time i check she has/is:-grammy winner-multiplatinum-woman of the year 2008-bet and mtv awards-bet and mtv performer-known for her signature the “matrix”-international superstar-worldwide hits-has industry guys drooling/making songs about her-one of the 3 women of this decade to have all albums top 3 along with beyonce and alica keys.-first single number 1 in the country-named janet of today by many-named best dancer of today by many-performed on bet awards every year execpt 1 -performed on billboard, orange bowl, snl, and more=been on ellen over 2 times and other popular shows-graces the cover of jet and many others more than once and now gets spreads in elle and more.-on maxim list every year since started-people magazine 5 most beautiful 2009-invite to major events-nominated for i think 4 grammys first album-sung for the president-has a mtv movie-has a movie going to theaters this fall-second album went platinum+ in 5wks.
    -first album went platinum+ in 2 months
    -headline 3 tours and worldwide one on the way
    - gets better reviews than beyonce and rihanna sometimes
    so much moreand keri hilson has done how many of these?????????? exactly


  86. ciara is owning


    uhhh ciara has been out longer than keri hilson and has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more success please check ciara info. damn cause her album sells don’t look like the last two times now she is up and coming? damn black people are stupid.

    last time i check she has/is:

    -grammy winner
    -woman of the year 2008
    -bet and mtv awards
    -bet and mtv performer
    -known for her signature the “matrix”
    -international superstar
    -worldwide hits
    -has industry guys drooling/making songs about her
    -one of the 3 women of this decade to have all albums top 3 along with beyonce and alica keys.
    -first single number 1 in the country
    -named janet of today by many
    -named best dancer of today by many
    -performed on bet awards every year execpt 1
    -performed on billboard, orange bowl, snl, and more
    =been on ellen over 2 times and other popular shows
    -graces the cover of jet and many others more than once and now gets spreads in elle and more.
    -on maxim list every year since started
    -people magazine 5 most beautiful 2009
    -invite to major events
    -nominated for i think 4 grammys first album
    -sung for the president
    -has a mtv movie
    -has a movie going to theaters this fall
    -second album went platinum in 5wks.
    -first album went platinum in 2 months
    -headline 3 tours and worldwide one on the way
    - gets better reviews than beyonce and rihanna sometimes
    so much more

    and keri hilson has done how many of these??????????


  87. phebo

    @ciara is owning



  88. Yay~

    She looks gorgeous!


  89. d



  90. CEO

    shes black she didnt have long hair to begin with!
    WEAVES YALL! im not being racist but all black girls that have long wavy beautiful hair screams WEAVE! example, beyonce and tyra banks


  91. itsmeniccas

    @ ceo and yur point is? u sopund stupid who sed ciara long hair was real? goodbye!!!! u sound dumb its justa damn photoshoot and people acting as if she is rocking short hair or something smh @ yall


  92. rhea

    it lookzz really good on her hope its permanent..nd not jus a test drive…i think she’s wearing contacts cuz her eyes arent hazel..buh w.e she looks gud


  93. Deontae

    @Ceo Ciara did have natural long hair before coming into this industry check your facts


  94. (T) iN tHe ZoNE

    Its so funny how we can talk so much about hair hahalol

    i lyk the 1st 2 pics tho….HOTTT
    GO CEE


  95. phebo

    she wore natural hair the last time she was out.


  96. DJ Triumph

    she look good to me.


  97. Rocko

    Ciara working it honey! Its amazing how these simple pics shot her to the top of most read stories, & this is the most comments I’ve ever seen for somebody on this site, in a long time. Ciara is truly talented & Beyowolf needa recognize if she jackin the Queen Ci’s moves & style in her videos! Ciara we love ya & the haters too cuz if they hated you so bad why waste time to post silly comments. Keep your head up cuz ppl checking for ya!


  98. An0thrDream

    Its perfect, cant stop clickin on this link

    She’s gonna KILL this haircut in Like a Surgeon!


  99. Funchin

    So beautiful


  100. Lady Love

    Nobody generates this much comments on this site. Rap-Up, I think Ciara is your superstar & you made an excellent choice in picking her as your cover girl!


  101. Deontae

    @Lady Love i said the same thing it seems whenever Rap Up covers Ciara or post anything about her, she gives them the most comments! <3 Ciara so much!


  102. Sugar Rush

    You bunch of losers, ciara aint owning jack and she is NOT the hottest chick in the game. Even Rihanna is more popular than her and Ciara came out before her and Fantasy Ride is nowhere to be seen on the billboard 200 so just stop the foolishness!!


  103. @ Sugar Rush

    @ sugar rush, yeah & rihanna aint have 1 hot single then, until she switched up her swag & now she is a wannabe played out victim. Jus bcause she got beat her album went on to continue selling. Plz, Ciara aint no industry h0 that’s y she aint have success, but at least she had 2 successful albums while rihanna finally had 1 outta like what 3 CD’s? & if u’ve notice this was Ciara’s most successful album over seas, selling more than evolution & goodies did jus not here in America & y? Well bcause pigs like u (I’m American just to let you know) like 2 dwnplay a beautiful successful woman 4 cheap artificial objects. Check ur facts bcause Ciara will undoubtedly sell more CD’s than her evolution did cause she’s debuted higher on the outter seas chart than her goodies & evolution had. She even debuted higher than Sasha Fierce did when her CD dropped in the UK so plz, only person who’s had little success here is you cuz your so pathetic you cater your useless time to comment on somebody you don’t care about. Go Ciara!


  104. Simplytebo

    Ciara looks goob in what ever she puts on even if she was to wear bold hair she would still look good and gorgouse so sugar rush don’t be hater your mom didn’t teach you menners if you have nothing good to say keep tha comments to yourself!!


  105. Pucci

    I dont understand where ppl are gettin the notion that Ciara is copying Rihanna & Kelis just because she cut her hair short. HELLO, female celebrities have been rocking short hair styles since like forever. The most prominent is Mary J. Blige who has been doing it on & off since the start of her career. I am in no way a Ciara fan/stan/hater/stalke hater, I jus simply speak my mind & opinon. And that is that Ciara isnt copying ANYBODY, there’s nothing wrong with female celebs cutting their hair. Ppl jus want her to keep the pretty long hair she had because they are stuck on this issue of good hair vs. bad hair & they were use to her having long hair. I think its gonna take some ppl some time to get use to short hair Ciara. I found myself putting her through that type of scrutiny but she’s still pretty with short hair. If you dont like her hair cut then just move on & get over it. Ciara will not lose any slepe over it.

    O & ppl, please note that BEYDABESS is the BIGGEST Beyocne ASS KISSER & Ciara HATER now STALKER HATER there is. She goes on almost every sight that features something about Ciara & always has something negative to say. Its like the girl is insecure that Beyonce will lose her place in the music biz… Dont worry sweetie, Bee’s place is safe. But you need PROFESSINAL help!


  106. Pucci


    Its ppl like you that give her love on sites like rap-up, not jus her fans… Remember that!


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