Video: Ne-Yo Breaks Down Onstage

Ne-Yo burst into tears during his concert in Manchester, England on Thursday. The “Closer” singer told the audience he was not feeling well earlier in the night and struggled to fight back his emotions. He ended the show early to a mixed reaction of cheering and booing, but promised to return.

“I’ve never not completed a show. I’ve never done this before,” he told the crowd while crying. “I want to thank y’all for bearing with me as long as y’all did. I appreciate that. Trust me when I say, I will be back. I love ya’ll.”

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  1. nikehead

    rap-up do u know what happened why was he so emotional?


    Rap-Up Reply:

    We know he was feeling ill, but that’s about it. Not exactly sure what happened.


  2. joey

    who the hell crys on stage? expecially if hes ill. maybe if a family member passed, but even then keep your self under control


  3. Giselle

    I guess he really love his fans, but that was too emotional. Hope he’s ok.


  4. dee

    joey, maybe he thought he could hold it all in but once he got on he realized he couldnt, stop being so damn evil, but yeah i think someone passed in his family, or maybe just depression, time shall tell i guess…hope he’s okay


  5. myalilbro

    joey ur a jack ass shut up


  6. Crys

    This chick has too many problems for a dude. When your a star you know you always have to hold your composure no matter. Behind the scenes you can cry & just play it off but she got too many issues to cry in front of his fans. Well whatever it is I hope she’ll be ok!


  7. Internet Baller.3

    Not A Good Look
    part 1


  8. monte

    i think someone close to him might have died or is gonna die. remember people, celebs are human like us and not everbody con just hold their emotions in long enough in situations like others. he probably might’ve received the news right before he was about to perform or thought he could get through this show but was too devestated by the news. hey no one’s a mind reader so don’t just say anything until we know for sure.


  9. UK chick

    he started 2 sing bt was straining as theres something rong with his throat, he went off stage for a bit then come back, 2 try agen bt he started 2 sweet badly and couldnt sing, then he broke down cus he couldnt continue!!! least he didnt just leave!!!


  10. joey

    u all obv dont realize my point, if he couldnt stay in check he shoulda just canceled the show. not balled on stage


  11. Jay



  12. Patrice

    I’ll keep him in prayer. It true that once you become famous your constantly in the lime light, but I think that some people believe because they’re they have to be perfect 24-7. I think we all forget that they’re human sometimes, and it may look like glitz & glamor but it’s not. Artist get sick like the average person & looses family members just like us as well.


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