Keri Hilson Visits ‘MuchOnDemand’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson stopped by the MuchMusic studios in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday for a taping of “MuchOnDemand.” The “Knock You Down” singer, rocking a vintage Michael Jackson top, did the moonwalk and spoke about painting her crib in Atlanta.

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  1. javonscott



  2. BP86

    That hair do has GOT to go.


  3. R.I.P. MJ

    she look a mess !!!!!! i’m sorry but no boo boo


  4. Dominicano

    I love her style!! mrs. keri baby!!!!!!!!


  5. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    she looks a hot mess…she started in one direction when she 1st came out and now its like shes goin somewhere different..its tacky and i dont like it


  6. carl



  7. BayAreaGirl

    Keri girl i luv ya u are dope but u shoulda left the jacket @ home. The hair color throws off everything.


  8. drtash

    WHAT IS WITH THAT HORRIBLE HAIRDON’T?!?!She really needs to take care of that mess urgently. She’s great songwriter/singer and all but c’mon that hair. LOL!!


  9. Giselle

    Keri, what were you wearing? I love her but that outfit is a disaster.


  10. bijan

    she looks bad. whata shame i cuz i like her.


  11. arietis

    i don’t understand why yall seems shocked because she always looks like a mess (specially her hair) …


  12. Trey

    She look Like A Bird


  13. Alexander Ocasio

    i love keri but she look sow ugly here?!?!


  14. g3

    She looks a hot ass mess that hair the jacket and don’t get me started on them WWII boots ugh but its nuttin new she always tries too hard or is either over dressed what ashame I’m feelin the album tho only pos of this comment n who told her she can dance the moonwalk?? Come on now keri r u serious stick to songwriting leave the dancing to Ms. Cici sweetie


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