New Music: Whitney Houston – ‘I Look to You’

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston returns to form with “I Look to You,” the first single from her new album of the same name, impacting radio July 27. The soaring ballad was written by R. Kelly and produced by Tricky Stewart and Harvey Mason Jr. It’s Whitney at her finest, doing what she does best. Preview the album here.

Whitney Houston – “I Look to You”

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  1. dr

    go girllllll i love uuuuu


  2. MOV

    I love the lyrics and appreciate that Whitney’s back but I wish the song had more of a climax. Still glad she’s back on the scene however.


  3. nikehead

    where is that million dollar bill they need to release it already lol!


  4. Giselle

    Love it.


  5. Jay

    Beautiful song! I’m buying that new album!

    and nikehead I agree with you, I really wanna hear “Million Dollar Bill” I heard it’s a dope record!


  6. Omon Imo

    Welcome back Whitney!!!


  7. ron.e

    i’m not sure this is what i would classify as a “soaring ballad.” while it makes for a good listen with her impeccable chest voice, i find the climax underwhelming. the backup singers are all there but she never really blows it out of the water.


  8. urban noize

    i dont care what anyone says, but Rkelly is an amazing writer. this guy is a beast a writing these beautiful ballads.


  9. drtash

    I like the song although I personally liked “I didn’t know my own strength” a lot more. I don’t know if this was the right song to choose as a first single though. Whatever, I’m still gonna cop the record on sept 1 when the album comes out.CAN’T WAIT!!!


  10. DJ Triumph

    great song whitney is back with some great music r.kelly skills is great wrote for michael and now whitney.


  11. Amar

    Good song but personally I don’t think it is first single material if this is Whitney’s comeback. I would go for Million Dollar Bill based on all the praise from everyone it is getting. Follow me please.


  12. IndyMusicMogul

    This song is classic Whitney in 2009! Love it! I know everyone wants to hear that funky club tune Million Dollar Bill… in time folks. She’s got something for everyone this time. Congrats Whitney and Clive Davis!!! She’s baaacckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Jerome

    Love it! Whitney doing what only Whitney can do!Finally someone singing a song and not just notes. Welcome back Whitney! You have been missed.


  14. Yoda

    Whitney Whitney Whitney! I cnt wait 2 hear her album. I kno its gonna b hot cuz she da she da best!


  15. bass_man

    It’s classic Whitney!



  16. Satilya

    I think that a lot of people are missing what this song is about. She is speaking from the heart after coming out of some storms in her life. Its not a song that needs to be sceemed, cause then you would be focused on how it sounds and not what she is saying. Certain songs are not made to have a climax, just like some songs are not made to bump with bass. I love this song, Though it was written by someone els, this is her testimony. I love It!!!!!


  17. Satilya

    I misspelled screamed, sorry


  18. grmica

    Beautiful! I agree 100% with Satilya. Whitney is singing from her heart and she sounds awesome. This is a perfect selection for her and showcases both her singing talent and ability to touch the soul. Yes, I love it and can listen to it over and over!!!!


  19. john

    a prediction the record of the year goes to i look to you whitney houston
    welcome home nippy


  20. ChrisDavies

    Her voice sounds really bad these days. Sounds sort of like Rihanna meets Britney Spears.


  21. Avantiz

    I heard A Song For You by whitney is and up beat track yall are gonna luv it She song A Song For You back in the 90 but did it slow and knocked it out now she did it again and is fast


  22. fb1409338157

    OMG Whitney! Cant even express how great it is to have you BACK!! Welcome home Baby Girl!


  23. jenny

    Don’t like the song. it is too old. FLOP.


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