Mary J. Blige ‘Stronger’ Than Ever on New Album


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Mary J. Blige has been through the storm and is singing about it on her new album.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul will release her 9th studio album Stronger on November 24. The first single, “The One,” features Drake and can be seen in a new AT&T ad airing now.

“The album represents who and what I am right now,” MJB said on set of the commercial. “I’m a stronger human being after all the growing pains. It’s about life, love, change, strength—mostly really knowing who you are and being confident in that.”

The follow-up single will be the title track, “Stronger,” which can also be found on the soundtrack to More Than a Game. The documentary about NBA star LeBron James’ high school days in Akron, Ohio, opens October 2 in select theaters, while the soundtrack arrives September 22.

A version of “Stronger” featuring vocals from Chris Brown leaked last month. Listen below.

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  1. Me

    Well if this isnt Chris Browns week I dont know what is, he wrote the song if you didnt know.

    I love this song


  2. zabrina

    i thought keri hilson wrote it?


  3. Me

    No chris and dean wrote the song, the demo is on youtube. I doubt chris would be doing backgrounds on a song for the fuck of it. He did it in disturbia too.


  4. Me

    Now it will, no she didnt chris and dean wrote this song


  5. ciarafan#1

    keri sung this waaaaaaaaayyyy better



    Keri’s was way better….


  7. goons

    @me. i agree.. this has be chris browns week..

    he is number 6 on itunes as we speak and number 3 on amazon for this song he wrote and gives his voice to is on mary’s album and the sound track for the documentary.. i am so happy for him..god works in many ways.. go chris!!!


  8. amanda

    if you dont feel this song i dont no what to tell u this is a hot


  9. dr

    im sooooooooooooooo glad this is on her album this song so describes her struggle and its shows triumph……….great job mary!!!!!!


  10. Please B*tch

    Who sang the song better .. Mary J Blige or Keri Hilson ???
    Hmmmmm let me guess !!!
    A 9 time Grammy winner and Golden Globe nominee who invented a musical genre every one do today and a consistant platinum seller for the past 18 years ..
    Or a new chick in the game who biggest record relyed on Lil Waynes hot 16 bars .. Hmmm

    I’ll pick the MVP .. MJB


  11. Shirley

    Great song, I truly love it.


  12. Darrell H-Town

    Mary is the best love her wating on the album Mary picking it up the first day.


  13. darkandbuilt

    its nice its a grower


  14. skysound

    keri’s version is better!!!her screaming is a bit irritating and i don’t feel emotion


  15. The sky is falling

    Mary J Blige made this song into a classic .


  16. Jay

    Nobody can sing this song like Mary J period! She sings with so much power and passion…I get chills!

    and don’t make me laugh, oh to late lol I’ve heard both versions and Mary sings this waaaay better. not just vocally, but with more CONVICTION! When she says I’m stronger, I believe her. And I know for sure SHE would kill it live!!!

    This is one of my favorite MJB records! Can’t wait for the album!


    CUUTEYPI Reply:



  17. Mishkavert

    спасибо, прочитал на одном дыхании


  18. goons

    oh in my chris ramblings i forgot to say MJB is great..her version is the best..sing it mary and bring in the awards on this track coz its great!!!!love it!!!


  19. jamonscones

    nah keri is class. her version is more chilled whereas mary j’s is just hoarse and painful to listen to.don’t get me wrong, she’s legend but on this track keri takes it.


  20. TRACIE

    This song makes me cry. Mary just has a way of singing from her soul. We don’t know who wrote this song….does it matter, it’s beautiful regardless.


    CUUTEYPI Reply:



  21. topbossBarbieDhabad1

    Okay keri hilson..has her own sounds &`mary j.bliqe has her own sound. there are some keri hilson fans whom thiink she siinqs it better than mary j.blige &`the same qoes for mary. from my perspective. mary been doing this for a lonqq time now. Buh kerii is waht;s iin at dha momentt.&`yes yu may still love mary &`soulfull sinqinq But if keri hilson;s version of this was leek’d out on the radio it wud be played evry where.


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