Adrienne Bailon Goes ‘Dark’ on Debut Album

Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon is shedding her family-friendly Disney image and revealing a more mature side on her debut album.

The former Cheetah Girl and 3LW member signed to Island Def Jam earlier this year and has been recording her solo effort with today’s top hitmakers.

Adrienne, 25, spoke exclusively to about what fans can expect. “The most important thing on this project is to let my fans get to know me. It’s more of a personal album. Let them know what it is I like to listen to. I love to have fun, I like to go out, and I like to party,” she said. “Coming back to New York, where I’m from, definitely has given an entirely different sound to my album—more of me, more of the way I grew up.”

The record will have an upbeat, party vibe. “I think it’s definitely a feel-good album, something you can listen to when you’re getting ready to go out with your girls.”

She’s already logged studio time with The-Dream, Bryan-Michael Cox, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, The Runners, Kevin “KC” Cossom (“Knock You Down”), and Danja. “I feel I should be like, ‘It’s Britney, bitch!’ ’Cause I’m working with Danja who did [‘Gimme More’].”

While the project doesn’t have an official title yet, Adrienne’s friends have something in mind. “Everybody’s joking around that the nickname of my album is Disney After Dark, but we can’t name it that.”

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  1. Truthfully Speaking

    Uh uh!…she is not 25 lol


  2. bass_man

    hahahaha “Disney After Dark”

    I wanna see what she comes with, because she’s got the voice.


  3. thaKING

    She has an amazing voice. Hope her music is great!
    Yes she is 25 years old, going on 26.


  4. thedevil

    a ton of make-up in your face, doesn’t really make you beautiful and an album filled with star-producers don’t make you a singer either. she very wack to me. next one


  5. carl

    Sounds good. I loved 3LW. She was the best singer so I will check her solo effort.


  6. gina g

    i wish she can do a song with tlc and 3t tito jackson sons lol that would be nice even doe one of them try to go out with her band mate back in 04 or 05 k williams.


  7. gina g

    thedevil hum silly but why you hateing on her what do you wanna be in the spotlight? what about beyonce do u think she can sing or look good? well i do also for the same for adrienne hum ps and thats that now what?


  8. Jay

    I’ll always support my girl Adrienne! Can’t wait for the new music!

    lol @ Disney After Dark! that’s funny, definitely wouldn’t work though :)

    and I’m pretty sure she is 25

    and @ thedevil Every actor, singer, model etc wears makeup. Everybody knows that The men do too, maybe not as much but they still do. You’d would be surprised. It ain’t a big deal though just a part of the business.

    Adrienne is a beautiful girl any way and I’m sure her album’s gonna be dope.



    cute!!.. i forgot she sang… like seriously.. sang great pic of her!!


  10. Honneyy

    after what she and the other chic did to Naturi i never bothered and all so im not interested…
    she probly wont get a lota album sales so NEXT..


  11. Max

    I LOVE ADRIENNE BAILON’s voice!!!!
    she’s SO talented… and I know her solo album is gonna be awesome!!!

    I know she’s coming with cool NEW music… when is the album comin’ out??? I can’t wait!!


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