I Look to You

Whitney Houston Album to Arrive Early

While many artists are having their albums pushed back, Whitney Houston is moving hers up.

The “I Will Always Love You” songstress is eyeing a new release date for her 7th studio album I Look to You. The project will now be available on August 31, one day prior to the previously scheduled date of September 1, making her eligible for the 2010 Grammy Awards nominations.

The album’s tracklisting is below, per Arista Records. Preview nine tracks here.

1. “Million Dollar Bill”
2. “Nothin’ But Love”
3. “Call You Tonight”
4. “I Look to You”
5. “Like I Never Left” feat. Akon
6. “A Song for You”
7. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”
8. “Worth It”
9. “For the Lovers”
10. “I Got You”
11. “Salute”

As a gift to her fans, a free download of the album’s title track is available now at www.whitneyhouston.com until July 31.

  • bass_man

    I see what they’re doing! lol She’s going to rack those Grammy’s UP.

    It’s about time we had a push-“forward” haha

  • nikehead

    that was definately a smart move! Whitneys gonna stack up on more grammys!

  • Tohamy

    yes, shes taking mariah’s shoot for the grammy, for sure she will lead all the nominations next year. clive is with her so expect her to win all the major awards boooooooooom

  • MACH

    Love you Nippy!

  • hahahaha

    Is this the first time a major recording artist pushes her album FORWARD, not back?

    LOL at Mariah. She must feel miserable now. Her single is flopping while Whitney is gaining all the attention. LOL!!!!

  • Mariah’s single isn’t flopping so sit down.

  • Michael

    Whitney’s only real Grammy challenger will be Beyonce. I think it’s a decent album and even my 54-year old mother purchased it so it definately has a chance. A New York Post blog also has a rumor that she will appear on the VH1 Divas show! (I would watch that just for Whitney (and maybe Kelly Clarkson).

  • keyjhad

    she can even push it up for tomorrow i will be the first in the store to get it, mariah or whitney, those woman remind me my kid’s bedtime,so who is better than other i dont give a fuck,they are both really good,LADIES i cant wait to get ur albumsssssssssssss……..luv from keyrah

  • listen

    Regardless…pushing the album forward doesn’t ignore the fact that the two songs are still lackluster. Those records are not going to do “crazy” things on radio…maybe adult R&B stations. They only pushed it forward because her chances of being nominated multiple times are good being that there’s not much good music out and the show is nothing but a popularity contest driven by NARAS’ need for high ratings. How can you even talk about sweeping the GRAMMYs when WE haven’t even heard the album. Clive is known for hyping sh!@ up and we buy into everytime. Let’s not forget how her album sales never lived up to the hype surrounding Just Whitney…the outcome won’t be that much different this time around. She’s a legend because of all that’s she done…but it’s a day…

  • listen

    “but it’s a NEW day…”

  • carl


  • Jay

    @ hahahaha You crazy if you really think Mariah is trippin off that ish! lol I’m happy more than anybody about Whitney’s comeback, so I ain’t a hater. Thing is, Mariah would still be #1 even if every female artist put out music for another 10 years they STILL couldn’t catch up. LOL Having a #1 record or #1 song right now is all great and dandy but it still don’t negate almost 20 years of music, Awards and 18 #1 Hits!!! Lol give me a break bruh or mah! Mariah could put her feet up, sit back and relax for the next 5 to 10 years and still be the #1 female recording artist!!! You know it’s true. :)

    I love Mariah and Whitney’s music. and I got every album they’ve ever made and I’m gettin both their new albums too! yep!

    But PLEASE don’t start that comparison ish with Mariah and any other chick cause it ain’t even a competition. ya heard!? ;)

  • Jay

    …and I can’t wait to hear “Million Dollar Bill”

  • Joanna

    I wish her songs were not dated cause they don’t go along with her current (bad) voice. I feel sorry for her. She used to be one of the greatest voices with Celine and Mariah. Now she’s just Rihanna alike. :(

  • Jay

    Whitney does sound different, but she still sounds good. I’m happy she can still sing.

    In my book Whitney is still one of the greatest! An artist work never dies.

    I think I’m gon watch The Bodyguard again…love that movie! :)

  • MACH

    Whitney and Mariah are my number ones right now! Highly anticipatin these albums.. Been a fan since forever. And if someone says whitney’s voice is shot, then so is mariah’s..

    But what does that say about today’s talent? Our legends have “shot voices” (compared to what they once were) and are still relevant, selling like hotcakes, and inspiring generations to come.

    yes, Whitney recorded some very traditional songs, but obviously she came out on top because her album is at the top of amazon charts a month before release.. no shade, but mariah ain’t so high up

  • LeonaLewisRocks

    Whitney’s voice seems to be shot. They had two or three years to run that shit through the best electronic voice enhancers and autotuners that money could buy…and it just sounds weak and off. :mrgreen: :razz: :lol:

  • Jay

    Mariah’s still #1

    and I will always love you Whitney! no pun intended :)

  • LeonaLewisRocks

    Whitney’s voice seems to be shot. They had two or three years to run that shit through the best electronic voice enhancers and autotuners that money could buy…and it just sounds weak and off. :mrgreen: :razz:

  • my opinion

    i love this song…real instruments.

  • Honneyy

    hahaha..she got that good good..
    WHILST MAJORITY OF THE ARTISTs are pushing their release dates closer shez doing the opposite aaah thats a way to go!!!
    You beta get sales gurl!!!
    but im sure since this some highly anticipated shttt its gonna be a success to a certan point
    Get em WHIT!!!

  • Honneyy

    sorry i meant..
    “pushing their release dates FURTHER!!!”

  • WhitneyGreatest

    Whitney her voice is not shot it actually sounds more soulful and rich with all her original pretty whitney tones/notes and about what that guy said about running her voice through electronics PLEASE!! whitney is known for not useing that fake crap!! she still got it and the world is truely going to see after this album drops whitney has been nourishing her voice like she use too Pre BOBBY and those vocal gymnastics are on point!!WELCOME BACK MS WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!

  • WhitneyGreatest

    And to all the haters keep up the great work because it seems the more you hate on whitney the more triumpet!!!! her comeback will be, always rememeber this a voice like that never truely dies it gets better and more defined whitney is 45 not 20 and for her vocals to have lasted this long really through time the last 30 yrs and she still got it she just needed a quick break a little rejuvanation!!! and she will conquer all that gets in her way the songs they put out was inspirational songs the rest of the album I heard was hooooootttttt !! so we all should see.

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