Ludacris Reveals New Album Title


Ludacris is revealing his new album title and we’ve got it first!

The Grammy winner’s seventh major label album will be called Ludaversal, he exclusively tells The follow-up to 2008′s Theater of the Mind is not titled Cineplex as widely reported.

Luda is less than pleased with the incorrect title that’s floating around the Net. “It must be the biggest rumor in the world because you’re like the fifth person who asked me about that,” Luda said at the TAG Signature Series event in West Hollywood on Tuesday. “It’s just really frustrating when somebody puts a rumor out and everyone goes with it.”

The Ludameister wants to make sure the false title doesn’t spread any further. “I never remotely said anything about something called Cineplex. Dead that shit,” he added. “It’s Ludaversal. That’s what comes after Battle of the Sexes.”

Ludaversal will have to wait until 2010, while Battle of the Sexes, his joint project with DTP femcee Shawnna, hits shelves by year’s end.

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  1. MACH

    Love Luda and Shawnna! Every since “What’s your fantasy” came out!!!!


  2. king

    This dude better hurry and drop that album and get some shine before T.I. gets out and steals everything FRRE T.I.


  3. OJcris44

    Luda is definitely one of the most consistent rappers. He can hold his own on anyone. He is mad underrated even though he has more hits than probably than any rapper and is the best selling southern rapper.

    Battle of the Sexes will be hott and Ludaversal will be a monster album if def jam promte it well.


  4. Kyle

    lol, out of everything else that can be spread Ludacris is getting upset about an album title rumor? Once he drops the album people will know the title of it. But anyway, Ludacris is one of my favorite rappers so I’m excited. And it’s good to hear that him and Shawnaa are still working together. I thought those two had a falling out a couple years ago?


  5. KTJ



  6. P....

    Luda and shawnna….i think will be a boom!!!
    “they had to do it again”, lol


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  8. Rachael5922

    Luda is really a talented Rap artist, i think he is overlooked alot but he comes out punching, literally.


  9. OJcris44

    Battle Of The Sexes will be hot. I love Stand Up and What’s Your Fantasy.


  10. crunkpoet

    hope its better than that last album


  11. bass_man

    yeah dude..that is just so much better than that Cineplex thing! I don’t snicker at all when I hear “Ludaversal.” & he was so serious too. hahaha like cineplex is just the worst thing he’s ever heard. [Chicken&Beer..?]


  12. bass_man

    but not too much shade, I love his artistry.


  13. Deontae

    I hope him and Ciara do something together on his new album


  14. Jay

    Man 2010 it’s gon be a min.

    and yeah Luda and Ciara always give us bangin records! Hope they work together again!


  15. Lil' Nello

    Good to hear can’t wait for both projects!


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  18. Unusff

    Ludacris Conjure Mixtape cool!


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