Beyoncé Gets a Bad Wax Job

Beyoncé in Wax

Beyoncé’s wack wax statue was put on display at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood on Wednesday. Madame T. might want to send this one back to the shop for some retouching.

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  1. Nick

    It looks the same as the last one (the pose is identical) only they’ve changed her hair and clothes to fit in with the “Sasha Fierce” era.


  2. -Joana

    It doesn’t look like her the face its really different


  3. tomatoes

    it looks just like her!


  4. Beyoncelover

    That is just apalling to look at. I feel like its a ploy to make Beyonce look disgusting…Smh


  5. mal

    It is now official to say that only God can create such perfection! lol all her wax models are crap lol


  6. Bruno

    Sorry but for a minute I thought it was actually her in that picture. LMAO I only realized it was a wax statue when I looked at her armpit (perfectly waxed by the way lol).


  7. Dee Dee

    This is like the 3rd time they’ve tried it. but i guess you’ve got to keep trying till you get it right huh?


  8. buddyreal



  9. J*

    looks like her too me.


  10. Jay

    I see a slight similarity, buuut definitely not good enough.

    They could’ve done a better job.

    The first one kinda looks like Leona Lewis.

    They should start over


  11. sexiikiim09

    they really did it this time that shit looks awful total insult to her!


  12. Burmy

    Where is BEYDABESS when you REALLY want her to comment?


  13. Fee

    Looks like Shakira, not Beyonce


  14. Fee

    Ok.. the one with the black dress really looks like her but the other one totally looks like Shakira


  15. DJ Triumph

    it ok.


  16. Dee

    Idk what everyone is talking about. It looks just like her. Its a frickin wax statue for God’s sake. It cant be PERFECT. But I say it looks pretty damn good


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