Ludacris Confirms Ghostwriting for Dr. Dre

Ludacris and Dr. Dre

After a demo for Detox hit the Internet earlier this month, there was rampant speculation that Ludacris was ghostwriting for Dr. Dre. Luda goes on the record to address the rumors.

“It was for Dre. I wrote it for Dre,” Luda tells of the leaked song “O.G.’s Theme,” which finds him rapping, “Ain’t no ni**a better than Doc Dre, I’m a 20-year veteran.”

Ludacris confirms that the reference track was intended for the West Coast rap pioneer’s highly-anticipated new album, but he’s not sure what will become of it now. “It was supposed to be for Detox, but I don’t know since it got leaked. I don’t know if it’s gonna get used.”

He admits to writing more than one record for Detox, tentatively scheduled for release by the end of the year. “I wrote a couple records and that was one of them.”

Listen to “O.G.’s Theme” below.

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  1. buddyreal

    it do sound like a dre track excludin luda wrote it…

    if you didnt say so, me hearin this elsewhere, i wooda thought dre wrote it 4 luda cuh it sound like the “chronic 2001″ dre

    it do slap tho!!!




  2. Mike

    So basically dre tells him about his full life story. And says write about it?


  3. OJcris44

    This track was fire


  4. Matt

    Dr. Dre pisses me off with this shit… He needs to release his album, seriously.


  5. lil sip

    yo how about instead of luda ghostwriting for dre, dre just make some beats for ludas new cd aiiiiite


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  7. UserQQQQ

    man between this and that Crooked I track from way back this man could have a hot album just putting out these leaks and screw Detox.


  8. DuckVille

    i didnt think dre would need help but if it produces Mult-plat CD then coo


  9. Justin Mitchell

    I love Dre too and I was surprised when I found out he used ghost writerd. But if you didn’t know that by now you’re a Fucking moron.


  10. Shaunn Playter

    Jay-Z wrote the first single off of The chronic 2001, Still D.R.E….look in album credits it says S.Carter, nothin wrong with that cause its still Dre makin the hip hop its all about production, anyone can spit a hot verse, but not anyone can make a hot SONG!


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