Maxwell Makes Chrisette Michele Swoon

Chrisette Michele and Maxwell

Chrisette Michele was the envy of women everywhere when she received a special surprise from Maxwell.

The Grammy winner was taken aback after a dozen white roses showed up on her tour bus on the first date of Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night tour.

“I peed in my pants, figuratively speaking,” Chrisette tells after receiving the welcome gift from her tourmate. “I’m envious of myself right now. I’m like, ‘Chrisette, do not ruin this.’”

There was a note included with the flowers, but she’s keeping its contents to herself. “I can’t be giving away all the juices!”

Chrisette is pinching herself over the opportunity to tour with the soul crooner. “In-freaking-credible. Maxwell’s show is out of control. It’s bananas, unfair!” she exclaims. “I feel so privileged and honored to even be on the same stage as him. He’s been so warm and so welcoming and so kind towards me that I’m in heaven right now. Soul music is really back.”

Click here to see the remaining dates of Chrisette’s tour with Maxwell.

Chrisette Michele receives roses from Maxwell.

Chrisette Michele receives roses from Maxwell.

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  1. d

    whatever she’s a bore


  2. buddyreal



  3. J

    Ha, Hatin 5 in the morning probably didn’t even brush ur teeth


  4. Ken

    She’s an incredible artist.
    They would make an interesting couple.


  5. listen

    d….you hit it right on the nail! she keeps talking about those damn flowers.


  6. Jaelani

    Good for her! But it’s not really that serious. I wuz thinking he proposed to her or something.


  7. KeeKee

    U think she is a bore and keep talking about flowers? Ha! What a joke! Its obvious that you guys dont know the true definition of soul music. She is a very beautiful talented girl that is actually singing about something!


  8. DJ Triumph

    you go chrisetter michelle.


  9. DJ Triumph

    i mean chrisette.


  10. Bliss

    Oooh don’t cheat on my Willie!


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