Lady Gaga Inspired by the Grim Reaper

In another oh-so-peculiar, yet fascinating interview, a lavender-haired Lady Gaga is asked who inspires her fashion. “I love the Grim Reaper,” she responds. We’ve never laughed so hard.

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  1. Giselle

    She’s beyond weird.


  2. Jay

    Lady Gaga is awesome! She’s just doin her own thing and she seems like a cool person

    Better to be daring and different than nothing at all.


  3. carl

    She needs help….


  4. bass_man

    I just have to show love for GaGa. hahaha Have to.


  5. Ken

    Aiight now she doing a lil bit too much. lol
    I’m glad she’s got her own style though.


  6. Nick

    Lol, loves me some GaGa! She certainly defines her name lol.


  7. Kolla

    hahaha lady gaga is ugly and bad


  8. GooN

    Elle a besoin d’aide…


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  10. Ras

    She’s cool, marchin to her own beat.


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