Wig Surprise! Ciara’s Haircut Is Fake


Ciara had us fooled with her short haircut. It turns out that Super C’s super cut is only a wig.

Ciara didn’t chop off her precious locks after all, according to her hair stylist Kiyah Wright.

“Yes, it’s a hair piece,” Wright tells BellaSugar. “She still has really long hair—this look is just for the summer.”

The “Love Sex Magic” singer, who recently made the move out West, wanted to try something new. “She’s in L.A. for the summer and wanted something lighter, something different.”

Wright reveals where she got her inspiration from. “Ciara has such a little, petite, cute face, and she told me that she wanted to go short. She wanted to do the Halle Berry, but I thought, ‘We need a little sexy, we need a little swagger in front, so let’s just give it a little bit of lift,’” she says. “But I didn’t want it to look like Rihanna’s cut, either, so I cut all of it with thinning sheers and kept it tight on the sides, then added a swoop bang and gave her a reddish-auburn highlight in the front, just to break up the black a little bit.”

Spotted at RapRadar.com

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  1. G...

    No who didn’t know that!? It still looks fresh though…SHE ROCKING THAT THING LIKE…


  2. R.I.P. MJ

    i love both her hair style


  3. Hau



  4. alex

    i knew from the beginning that it was a wig. you can tell, but she looks amazing with that look. never thought she could rock a short do


  5. babyboo



  6. shay babez

    she so pretty!


  7. Nick

    LOL ci is floppin so hard that she has to pull publicity stunts to stay relevant.



    and you sure did contribute, thats an extra comment towards the post


  9. Whaaa

    man i love this girl cira is the best


  10. Dominicano

    Who didn’t know?? Either way i love both wigs.


  11. Jay

    ha I actually didn’t know that! Guess I don’t know hair like that. Cici look good either way!!!


  12. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    how stupid could u possibly be not to know that was a wig…duhhhhhhhh…even her long hair is a wig…not that there is anything wrong with it…there celebritys..they just dont keep it real..watch the trailer for chris rocks “good hair”


  13. mimi313

    thank god!! i love her long hair, its sexy.. the short wig .. nnaaahhhh


  14. LisaLisa

    Everyone here is apparently an expert on wigs.


  15. An0thrDream

    I Love the short do – it’s fierce and perfect for L.A.

    but Im glad its a wig

    I Love the way she uses her long beautiful dark hair when she performs – its almost like an accessory the way she swooshes it around uses it to make everything more sexy


  16. carl

    Who cares?


  17. MaZ

    Lol @ LisaLisa


  18. Ciara Ciara

    I guess that’s interesting. . . She rocked both do’s well but I’m glad she still has her long hair but either way she looked so gorgeous!

    P.s. Keep your long hair, PrincessSuperC if you’re reading.


  19. mal



  20. Monifa

    and that long hair under that short hair is a weave too!


  21. DJ Triumph



  22. sexiikiim09



  23. SAI

    lol Ciara is very beautiful but cmon I knew it was fake, nice try


  24. Crystal ketter

    I love Cici with long and short hair


  25. Crystal ketter

    I like Cici with short and long hair


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