Chris Brown Sentencing Delayed

Chris Brown

Chris Brown will have to wait to hear his fate. A judge has postponed the formal sentencing in his assault case against Rihanna.

The 20-year-old pop star, who pled guilty to felony assault in June, appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday wearing a dark suit, light pink shirt, and striped tie.

Judge Patricia Schnegg delayed his sentencing until August 27 at 2 p.m. PST because she was waiting for a report from the state of Virginia. She wants Brown to perform hard labor to fulfill his community service.

“The judge was awaiting confirmation from Virginia as to what Chris would be doing as part of his labor in Virginia,” explained Rihanna’s attorney Donald Etra. “He had 90 percent of documents that she needed in order to impose sentence, but documents from Virginia still have not arrived.”

Etra also spoke about his client’s well-being. “Rihanna is hard at work. She has appreciated the love and support that her friends, family, and fans have given her over the months.”

In response to speculation that Brown had violated the order to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna, he said, “There has been no violation of the stay-away order.”

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  1. What?

    Throw this MONKEY in Jail already, he’s a waste of sperm.. So is anyone who defends him, and so is Rihanna IF she’s trying to get back with him.


  2. me

    Both of them need help in different ways ….chris needs to learn his lesson some kind of way and rihanna if she gets back with him it will say wow I like getting my a** kicked and my face rearranged her name would be rihtard


  3. joey

    u both are right^^ i cant stand chris. used to like him alot, but ever the shit that happened im like done. he makes guys look bad


  4. bass_man

    how many hours does he have?

    and those shades are life-bettering.


  5. Kevin

    I hate what he did to Rihanna, but I have to say he looks fly in court..


  6. goons

    lol, all three of you have issues..chris does not represent anyone but himself..if he is waste of sperm why are so dumb..he aint goin to jail so go shoot yoursleves…

    both need help and i still support and love chris..he looked good in the suit.. yum!!!

    90% had arrived and accounted for according to TMZ but the judge is waiting on the 10% .. both the VA officials and the judge need to get it together….this is just a mess..


  7. Catie

    He needs to go away, I can’t stand even looking at him anymore.


  8. Diana

    Wow Haters These Days Lol Anyways I Love Chris Brown
    ^^ Why are Yu Even Reading This If Yu Cant Stand Looking at Him Thats What I Hate About People


  9. crystal

    y r u all hatin on chris brown i knw wat he’s done nd he’s sorry aleast he dnt believe in da DEVIL lyk rihanna


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