Video: Drake Returns to Stage with Cane

Lil Wayne and Drake

Five days after injuring his knee on the “America’s Music Wanted” tour, Drake returned to the stage in his hometown of Toronto on Tuesday. He appeared during Lil Wayne’s set and performed “Successful” with Trey Songz, departing the stage with a cane.

“You know I could never let my city down,” he told his screaming fans, while also praising his tourmate. “The greatest entertainer I’ve ever witnessed,” he said of Wayne.

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  1. bass_man


    That just says something about his commitment to his fans, so that’s a really good look. Hopefully, he can bounce back.


  2. listen

    Drake: Please let go of Wayne & Kanye’s nuts! Your grip is too tight right now and in the long run, it’s going to hurt you. Trust me on this one. Just be yourself.




    I agree with you a 100 percent like dam we kno u and wayne good but you don’t gotta kiss his ass everytime you on stage with him

    Why u even sign with them is anyones guess if you so good why sign with the person you claim is best rapper that puts shine on them!

    That’s like someone comming out of College being praised as best since jordan and going to sign with cavs with lebron its pointless you’ll be overshaddowed


  4. dc84

    ^ don’t agree..

    for the most part, this is how the rap game works. Young dudes are introduced to the mainstream by the current stars. Then once they get big, they try to bring on the next wave of stars. They get money and publicity for finding and promoting the next big thing. It’s a good thing for both parties. And of course, if the newcomer proves him/herself, then the relationship ends and the young star becomes a recruiter/promoter. It’s a cycle.

    Dre –> Snoop/Em/50
    Kanye –> John Legend/Consequence/GLC/Kudi/Hudson

    Timbaland, JD, TI, Pharrell, Wayne… they all do it. It’s a business.


  5. BP86

    Um….Yeah…I’m gonna need him to get off that stage and sit down before he REALLY ends up like his character, Jimmy, on Degrassi.


  6. DJ Triumph

    good video.


  7. DJ Triumph

    and dc84 is right.


  8. ...

    greatest entertainer i ever witnessed?

    for real, though?
    not michael jackson, elvis, the beatles, madonna, jimi hendrix, etc?

    i’m all for praisin’ your people but that’s some delusional shit.


  9. Kevin

    ^ He said witnessed, not ‘the greatest entertainer that ever lived’ or something like that. For all that you know, he may have never seen MJ perform live? Like that..


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